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The Innovations Catalogue - a brochure of brilliant ideas and gadgets that arrives in some of the better quality newspapers

Innovations is a company that sells all sorts of fancy gadgets and inventive paraphernalia. The remarkable range includes DIY, electrics, home gadgets, car items, high-tech inventions, fitness & health gear, gardening equipment, all sorts of stuff! Innovations Catalogue is the glossy brochure that slips out of such quality newspapers as The Times, and you flick through it and say "I fancy having THAT!". Well now here's your chance to flick through the equivalent of the catalogue online. In their own words "Innovations is bursting with a vast range of unusual and practical products designed to improve your quality of life. You'll find the latest in technology, gadgets and big boys toys, plus the latest innovative ideas in DIY, health and travel products". Special note: Innovations catalogue offers UK delivery onlyUK

The Link Was Here To Go To The Place!

www.innovations.co.uk affiliate program was with Commission Junction but now the affiliate program has gone. Since then, the other Littlewoods Shop Direct companies have moved to Buy.at , and as far as I know, Innovations Catalogue has ended. It was great while it lasted. Other gadget shops are available! The old domain www.innovations.co.uk was found 2008/01/11 to be redirected to Additions Direct, so maybe that's where to go now.