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HarrodsWelcome to Harrods at Zyra's site. If you are looking for opulence, style and good taste, this could be the site for you. However, if you are purely after a little piece of Harrods, their site can accommodate you.


HarrodsHarrods has remained London's premier retail outlet and through constant innovation and evolution, has not only adapted to the changing trends throughout the years, but has also been at the forefront of them. Yet, the fundamental ethic of selling quality merchandise and giving customers exemplary service has never been questioned or compromised.

Simple beginnings:

HarrodsHarrods has not always been so grand, however. The fairy tale begins with Charles Henry Harrod who was already a successful grocery wholesaler and tea merchant before he took over a small Knightsbridge shop in 1849. Under Harrod and his son the business prospered thanks to hard work, meticulous planning and the growing affluence of the Knightsbridge district of London. Much has changed since then, but the founder's guiding principles of quality and service are still paramount today.


In 1959 Harrods was acquired by House of Fraser, becoming the flagship store of this large retail group and when in 1993 links with House of Fraser were broken, Harrods was once again a private family-owned company as it had been in the days of Charles Henry Harrod.

Palace in Knightsbridge:

HarrodsWhen the visionary businessman, Mohamed Al Fayed, purchased Harrods in 1985, its place as the world's premier department store was already firmly established - but he realised that much still needed to be done in order to prepare it for the decades ahead. He instigated a massive £400 million refurbishment project in order to return the 'Palace in Knightsbridge' to its former glory. Every corner of the building received Mr Al Fayed's attention and, as well as refurbishing the fabric of the building - including the exquisite Edwardian terracotta façade - enchanting new rooms and facilities were added".

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