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also see Sights of London , Birmingham , Manchester , Sights of Russia , Sights of Lincolnshire UK , piccies , Shareware , and Zyra Photo Modelling-shots !!!

Plus the pictures of dogs and the pictures of cats

The PANORAMA of Central Park, Boston UK, is well worth looking at. It is however a jpeg over 800Kb, so it's on a separate page. This can take a while to load, depending on the speed of your phone line, broadband, ethernet, or fibre-optic. So, it's on a separate page which used to be on the THIRD SITE on a separate page, and now it's been moved to a different hosting again, to improve the loading: PANORAMA

Link here to see how big the picture really is!

The digital painting of The Old Tattershall Bridge can also be seen.

See the big version by linking here

The self-management conference of the Voices Forum held at Manchester is of interest, but not to all. So, if schizophrenia management is your I want a clean cup of tea, Link to Voices Conference page. This photo has been published on the front of PERCEPTIONS MAGAZINE!

There is also a page of spiders and scorpions, created for Dangerous Things International, but this isn't really to everyone's taste.

Also, you can see higher-resolution versions of THESE pictures...


Millennium Dome* The Millennium Dome, London.

Link on the image or HERE to see a larger higher-resolution version of this picture.

Pictures of Birmingham* Architecture in Birmingham

Link on the image or HERE to see more pictures, including a larger version of this image.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel* The Light at the end of the Tunnel.

Link on the image or HERE to see a larger higher-resolution version of this.

Scarborough Railway Station* Scarborough Railway Station.

Link on the image or HERE to see a larger higher-resolution version of this.

The picture "GOLDEN"* The picture "GOLDEN" taken on the Docklands Light Railway, London.

Link on the image or HERE to see a larger higher-resolution version of this.


A CAT sleeping on a Computer that had been converted into a Flower Pot+ This picture takes a bit of explaining, so link on the image or HERE to find out more and to see a much higher-res version. - Also see Pictures of Cats

British Museum* The British Museum, London. That's just the front door. You should see what it's like inside!

Link on the image or HERE to see a larger higher-resolution version of this, or HERE to find out more about the British Museum.


Hospital photos+ Hospital photos

More odd pictures this way+ What can that be?

Zyra Photo+ Modelling shots!

Cup of Tea?+ Zyra's teacup has been upgraded again!

Rainbow+ Picture of a Rainbow

Experts in white coats+ Experts in white coats. Laboratory conditions at Ontrack Data Recovery

Vostok rocketSpace Museum+ The Russian Space Agency pictures on this site. Quite a few good pictures to be seen here.

Mayonnaises Through the Ages* Mayonnaises Through the Ages. a collection of mayonnaise kept well beyond socially acceptable dates.

Isn't that laptop a bit too close to the sea?* Laptop at the Seaside: This might be at risk of becoming a data recovery job?!

Picture of a Dead Rat* Picture of a Dead Rat. It's not very nice, but it demonstrates a serious point about having a yardstick by which things can be measured to tell what is objectionable.

More railways hardware in York Railway Museum* In the Railway Museum. In York, where railway posterity is kept. Also see Railway Museum Shop

Par Avion ?* Par Avion ?. And other weird pictures taken in life.

Picture in Flight+ Picture taken while flying in a plane It's true: 10km up, you can see the curvature of the earth

an old digital photo* Very Old Digital Photograph. This colour digital photograph was taken in the mid-1980s. Photos mysteriously missing? Maybe it's the Mozilla Problem?

a blue flower* More recent development in digital photography - Digital photography has advanced a long way! If you'd like to get an expensive digital camera so good that you can take a photo of a double page spread of a quality broadsheet newspaper and be able to read it from the detail in the photo, you might like to take a closer look at the Canon EOS350D, a digital camera which can probably see better than your eyes!

almost free pictures ended up in neglect because of copyright problems+ A sad picture, this. A box of software containing thousands of photos, bought for almost nothing at a computer fair, and yet it has ended up in neglect, covered in cobwebs. Why? Copyright. This shows how careful we are about copyright problems. Paranoid, more like! copyright resulting in neglect

Deadly Cobra Snake + It's a picture of a snake. A cobra, in fact. I paid the snake charmer a few hundred rupees and he showed off some scary creatures. However, it's more than a picture of a cobra as the copyright issue is being used as a flagship in the cause of getting rid of copyright misusers

straight banana+ This is exactly what it appears to be, a straight banana

Zyra goes chasing an iguana underwater + The iguana could have walked away, but ooh no, it had to jump into the swimming pool, and then Zyra went in after it. Time for some Iguana hunting The Tale of the Lizard

Bird's Nest+ Bird's Nest photos: a whole sequence of images of a bird's nest including parent birds, eggs, baby birds, etc right up until the baby birds fledged.

Bat* A bat hanging around: Finding you've got bats flying about in the house is a mixed blessing. Yes, they eat mosquitoes, so that's good. However, bats are not housetrained, which is a problem. They may have to be ousted! But at least I don't live in the UK anymore! (In the UK, bats take priority over people)

Gecko* Gecko: a gecko hiding under a banana

Rhea EggX Rhea Egg: a delicious giant egg

HedgehogX Hedgehog: well-liked wild animal

Isle of Man (from the air)X Isle of Man: photo taken on a plane, flying from Manchester to the Dominican Republic

+ Photo copyright ©, but agreements can most likely be negotiated amicably by arrangement with the copyright owners. E-mail from the page if you are interested.

X Photo copyright ©, but released on an attribution licence. Copies of the image may be used, provided you give me a link.

* Photo copyright © Zyra 2000 or other years, but is released as shareware. So if you would like to use it, DO use it, and send a voluntary contribution for what you think it's worth to: c/o Zyra, at the shareware office address. Cheques made payable to Zyra's Bazaar.