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Picture of a Straight Banana

Here's something you don't generally see: A straight banana! Of course bananas are usually curved, but straight bananas can appear naturally. Although it's rare to see a straight banana, in Europe it's unheard of. In fact, strange as it may seem, straight bananas were banned in Europe. Not for any good reason, but just because they didn't conform to bureaucracy. There is reform on this, however! See the good news at the end of this page.

Straight Banana

We hope to be exempt from persecution by the bureaucrats of Europe regarding the matter of the straight banana, as this photo was not taken in Europe. The picture was taken in Panama, which as well as being a famous tax haven, is also a place where bananas are locally-grown produce, it being a tropical climate.a typical banana for reference, in case you'd forgotten how curved they usually are!

It would be nice if we had an affiliate program with Cable & Wireless, but in fact the TeleChip phonecard is included in the picture just to give an idea of scale. The spoon isn't there to help with eating the banana, but is there incidentally as part of the cutlery in one of the posh hotels in Panama City.

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Update on the banned bananas!: In late 2008, I heard an announcement on the BBC World Service, to the effect that the European Union is to renounce its banishment of unorthodox shaped fruit and veg! So, this means that we will at last have the freedom to buy and sell fruit which does not conform to the bureaucratic specifications. (Also see ISO9002). Of course, the specifications should have been GUIDELINES in the first place, not absolute fundamentalist laws. Still, the fact that the European Union has made such an improvement is a sign of hope for us all that other daft laws may at some time be abolished, and the world is moving on towards a more libertarian future!