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At last! This website is owned by Zyra, whose primary website is

This phase of the website will be developed and new things added as time goes on.

The first things to be added will be the Zyra Europe status lamp, hit counter, and an update on the story of this .EU web localityOne of the Status Lamps. Although initially victim to the dot EU scam, that bleak time is over, and we can look forward to some real content now is owned by Zyra!Welcome into Strangeness

Union of Webspaces is far reaching but within this space there will be some specific Zyra Europe content, becoming more prevalent after a few more issues. (The First issue of is contemporary with Issue107 of Zyra UK!)

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As this webspace has a lot of catching up to do with it's other aspects, the committee decision of the schizophrenic has been made to Retro Fit some of the content to point to our own pre-existing material while maintaining the reliable deep linking policy of pages at Zyra's multiple webspaces, some of which have been around for seven years prior to the creation of! You can see how it's grown by looking at the site index

Don't you think it's time to let Greece set up independently again, rather than being part of the Euro? Greece would be much better off with having the Greek Drachma again?

Did you know? Not everyone likes Europe. Just when the United States of America is looking like it will have a spate of Secession and split up into a set of separate countries, Europe is forming into a New United States, the United States of Europe. However, unlike the original founding of the USA, Europe doesn't have FREEDOM included. Well, some people aren't happy about that, for example, here's some interesting views at EU - ( - gone again?) . I'm in two minds about the future of Europe myself, as I don't like the stupid bureaucracy and conformity of the European Union, but I think there needs to be a new independent nuclear power to balance the world just in case warmongers in the USA got out of hand.