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By popular request, some of the weird modelling shots shown on this site are now to be screened in a gallery on here.

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The front page picture for Issue133 is featured on a page connected from Modelling Shots 5 along with some of the Zyra photos from later issues.

Note: If you like to see people looking ordinary/normal/formal/boring, don't look here and grumble about it. I'm sure you can find pictures of people conforming to what someone is telling them to wear, but not here!

This first shot is a higher-resolution version of the front page picture of Issue33 of, which was found to take too long to load on some Internet connections.From Issue37 - One of many weird Zyra photos Guesses about the background are always welcome, but the pink hair is exactly as-is, being a result of two pots of Flamingo Pink by LaRiche Directions. More about dyeing your hair on the page of Hair Dye

The front page picture from Issue 37 and some previous issues. Much speculation was had about the background, which is now revealed to be the ceiling in one of the lifts of the London Victoria Holiday Inn, inverted and colour adjusted.

Now here's a picture from the front page of some of the previous issues. The blue hair colour is real,The blue hair is real a combination of Directions Midnight Blue and Atlantic Blue. Also the industrial plant, which is at Immingham, UK, is real, although the modelling shot and the backdrop were created separately and then juxtaposed in session of careful respraying. However I leave it for you to decide how real the UFO is. But one thing these scenes proves as a fact is that you do not have to look ordinary! Incidentally, this picture is on the front cover of the Autumn 2001 edition of the glossy magazine Perceptions! But it's in Noir et Blanc!

Another Interesting/Individualistic Zyra pictureHaving green hair is a good way to proving to people you're not going to stand for any of this "normality" nonsense. Of course you have to back it up by being individualistic generally, but that's not difficult. What's more difficult is pretending to be normal. (more about this on the Weirdness page and the page of Lib). But why would anyone want to pretend to be normal, unless of course they always do what they are told to do?

Other points of note about this picture are the million volt Van De Graaf hemisphere (which is for sale (now reserved)), and an old truck (Leyland EA345 Post Van) which was sold to someone who claimed to be a restorer.

Zyra in the picture Astral3aHere's the front page picture (astral3a) from an issue of and which was also part of an announcement about Telekinesis. On closer inspection the photo has some points of note. This shows off some of the digital art which is possible here. For a start, notice the picture on the screen of the computers in the picture? Familiar? But that picture has never been displayed on there, it's been transplanted there. Also the star background, another piece of careful handiwork. However, the orange hair colour and the stretch silver lam´┐Żoutfit are real. The hair is by Linda Moghul, and the outfit? I made that myself. Easier than it looks. If you're interested I can include instructions how to make one for yourself on the next issue of the site!

Green hair?Similarly, this asymmetric top is a not available in the shops. To customise this is a precision job, requiring a t-shirt that's skin-tight to start with (This one had in the label "age 9-11"), and then some precision slicing and skilled tailoring to get the tension right so it doesn't catastrophically fail! (Details may yet be made available at some time).

Nice hair colour too. This is KIWI GREEN by Clynol. Part of the DARE TO DIFFER Crazy Tones range.

Zyra communicating with the wider universeNow what's this? What's going on here? Looks like a cunning bit of cut&paste, but it isn't! This picture (link on Zyra with Radio Dish or on the picture to see a high-resolution version) is an unmodified picture of Zyra standing in the middle of a 50ft diameter Nato Scatter Station parabolic dish! Anyone interested in buying a second-hand high-gain propagation dish? There are four of these. They'd make an excellent radio astronomy observatory.

The GLEAM pictureThe front page picture from Issue49 (Gleam). Considerable work having been done on the industrial landscape in the background, making the character appear even brighter in the foreground.

Who lives in a hairdo like this?Real colour, the only modification to the shot being the removal of an overhead cable and other items in the background. Link here or on the photo to see a higher resolution of the picture.

I Thought The Year 2000 Would Have Been Better Than This!This is the picture "I Thought The Year 2000 Would Have Been Better Than This!". Take a look at the high-res version by linking here or on the picture.

Select here for a higher-res view of the Millennium-Safe CandleThe MILLENNIUM SAFE CANDLE. See this in higher resolution by linking here or on the picture.

For those who feel ALL AT SEAFor those who feel "ALL AT SEA" on the Internet. To see the picture in higher-resolution and/or to find out more about this, link here or on the picture.

Larger resolution pictureIn the piccy Wizard6f, green hair, but this time it's been adjusted a bit to make up for the sepia effect background.

Front page picture from Issue38Some time around the point that this photo was published, there were wonderings if the page of modelling photographs needed to be split into several pages. It was said to be "taking too long to load". Maybe a cue to mention broadband. The again, it's best to make sure a site is narrowband friendly!

Front picture from Issue48 CircularMost of the pictures on this page have been part of the front page of the site at some time and/or part of the unusual newsletter which is Zyra's Circular, a publication which you are welcome to sign up to! Here's another odd photo of Zyra

Zyra can also handle HTMLZyra can also handle HTML
HTML is the stuff which websites are made of. Find out more about
free websites and how to have your own website

Unorthodox SwimwearUnorthodox Swimwear
More unorthodox swimwear on the pages featuring the Tale of the Lizard

Front picture from Issue57Unexpected Appearances

Camouflage - the perfect disguiseCamouflage - the perfect disguise? Maybe that cat has been spotted.

The photo was on Circular Issue 61

ZyraAnother weird photo, this time where the camera angle is from over the top, so you can see Zyra's bright pink hair, and also the shoes made by carefully cutting the ends off trainers and inserting insoles made from carpet from the mental hospital. Bigger Picture

Zyra's modified shoesThis odd image which is part of photo gallery page 3 shows some good toenail varnish, toe rings, and other paraphernalia of the feet, made visible by the specially modified open toed shoes

Surrealist picture from Zyra's site Issue68The next set of photos are are Zyra Photo Page3. Here's the front page picture from Issue68 of Zyra's website. There is a larger resolution version if you have a fast enough ISP. It takes quite a lot of doing to get these pictures about right. Incidentally, those fireworks were from the Millennium and happened exactly four years before the picture was published.

ThoughtfulZyra - something a bit different: Then there's this curious shot of Zyra with cyan coloured hair and a thoughtful expression. Meanwhile in the background, you'd be very astute to spot that the backdrop image is Alexandra Palace photographed from a train! If you can spot hidden detail in pictures, you might like to examine something slightly subtle on the page about Qjump

another picture of ZyraIn this photo, later to become the front page picture for , the choice of a black outfit helps to emphasise the bright pink hair colour.

a bright futureA bright character for sure! In this photo, "Bright Future", the Smart Beauty hair colour is real, and so too is the vividly coloured outfit, but the background colour has been tweaked for dramatic effect. Incidentally, there are shops in Camden lit by UV where visiting in that outfit is welcomed as it as fluorescent and therefore shows off the place!

And then in this picture Welcome into StrangenessWelcome into Strangeness, which was on the front page of Issue72, there is some kind of portal stretching into the distance. Curious really. Obviously the background colour has been tweaked to make it oddly purple, but the green/blue hair colour is real.

To see an example of the strange Circular Newsletters which are sent out from this site, see

More website front page pictures of Zyra on the next archive: Page 4 is also the home of the encyclopedia index

Surrealist picture from Zyra's site Issue75The next set of pictures of Zyra are from Zyra Photo Page 4. Here's the front page picture from Issue75 of Zyra's website. Many different interpretations of the surrealist psychedelic background have been postulated, and various meanings suggested. Oddly, though, this was during a time when the site was going through a bad patch, and publishing a new issue on christmas day did not help, as most people aren't so keen on going online and receiving the newsletter at xmas! See a higher resolution version of this weird picture

Positively PeculiarThen on Issue78 there's this quite scary and dramatic picture. Another good hairdo with vivid pink hair colour, which contrasts well with the background which is somewhat disturbingly in negative, while Zyra is positive as you'd expect! This was the first front page picture at Zyra's site using the EOS350D camera, but the 8 megapixel resolution is best for photo galleries rather than websites, and the original picture had to be scaled-down to a fraction of its original size to make it possible to work on the image to create this effect. The result can be seen on the page i0689f.htm . The picture was then scaled down yet again to get it to fit on the front page of the website!

On reflection, having pink hair was a good ideaHere's the front page picture from some of the Issues86 and previous.

Yes, it is possible to take a self-portrait photograph with a camera in a mirror!

New worlds of opportunityAnd here is the Issue87 front page picture, which took quite a lot more work to achieve!

Blue hair, and the terraformed planet Venus in the background, based on images provided by those helpful friendly people at Relief Globe - was

I've got my doubts about this tax havenThe front page picture from Issue93, in which the background appears as if it's a tropical beach picture postcard, shows Zyra with apparently bright pink hair, which is actually Intense Red by SmartBeauty viewed in bright light when applied to hair that had already been bleached blonde. Visiting tax havens is all very well, and some of them are very nice places. It's really a matter of being able to find somewhere that has only the kinds of downsides that you can put up with. This picture is known as: I've got my doubts about this tax haven

This site has a lot more than just some pictures of Zyra, and there is a more general photo gallery, as well as thousands of pages on a wide variety of subjects. It takes weeks to see it all, but it's often worth spending a tea/coffee break having a look around and finding something new. In particular there is a good shopping portal!