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(It's a big picture - may take a time to load if you've not got broadband)

Positively Peculiar - The prototype for the front page image on Issue78

The original picture was taken using a Canon EOS350D camera. By the time the image had been developed this far it was down from 3456 x 2304 to the size you see it here, 981 x 1056. The actual front page picture was then made by resampling this down to 350 x 377 pixels, which also helped to hide imperfections in the picture. It's often a balance between the hours it takes to digitally spray-paint these images and the work on the rest of the site on such things as the shopping portal. With digital cameras it's not just the resolution in megapixels but the richness of the colour and the flexibility of features in the image capture. (more about this at the page about the EOS350D). Meanwhile, a few notes about this picture: The hair colour is real, and yes those really are 6 inch high platform Buffalo boots, although the open-toed model is a non-standard variant! The background has been mauled about with hue and saturation using graphical software which came with the scanner which worked in Windows3.11 giving an effect which is like a negative. It's a bit disturbing, but artistically correct as Zyra really is positive in an apparently negative world! There's a lot more to this than an image, and you can see a lot more stuff at Zyra's website amongst the thousands of pages that extend into a variety of diverse lines. Plus, the index is available in reverse order with Z at the beginning and A at the end at the reverse site index, which has the same number of pages but the other way around.

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