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What's all this about the invisible fruit then?

Banana?Orange?Fruity browser check!: If you can see an orange but no banana here, you've probably got a browser setting which could be disadvantageous for this website. Worth adjusting, even if only for viewing this site! To understand what this is all about, you need to understand a few unboring concepts:

1. Zyra's website has thousands of pages and gets looked at by many people around the world. To avoid "server loading" problems and other such awkwardness, the load is spread across different domains. It's a bit like the idea of having more wheels on a truck to stop the weight of the load digging expensive holes in the tarmac.

2. Some websites (not this one) have a form of advertising which is termed SPLAT ADVERTISING where lots of silly banners and pop-ups are stuffed in your face on the assumption that you'll be bamboozled into buying something. We deplore this and instead favour SELECT ADVERTISING where you make your own choices and buy stuff that you've taken the initiative to buy. Meanwhile, those friendly and well-intentioned people at Mozilla have decided to try to defeat the evils of Splat Advertising by a different method; an option which can banish all images which are suspected of being adverts.

1+2= Unfortunately, this Mozilla option inadvertently results in some unfortunate problems for you at this site, and for the site itself! Many interesting photographs become invisible, (for example panorama), some parts of the site have bits missing, and other parts make less sense than usual, and also it means we don't get paid.

Banana?Orange?Well never mind all that, let's fix it! If you've got Mozilla (Good for you, by the way; We like open-source Linux-friendly systems), and you can see a perfectly reasonable ORANGE here, but no BANANA, then there's something wrong with the browser settings.

The way to fix this is as follows: Go to TOOLS, then OPTIONS, then WEB FEATURES, and then at the bottom where it says "Load Images" tick the box, but un-tick the box where it says "for the originating Web site only". Then reload this page and see if the invisible banana magically reappears. If so, Yippee! That's fixed it! Of course you can change it back again when you like, but at least you'll be able to view this website properly!

Other notes:

Q. "Well I can't see an orange, and I can't see a banana either!"

A. There are many possible reasons for this: Being blind, or using a text-only browser, or many other possibilities. This website tries to be as helpful as possible for all conditions. This is not easy. Maybe you can help to improve it by constructive suggestions.

Q. "Why should I care if the site doesn't get paid?"

A. Well you've got to be consistent if you're going to take an anti-capitalist stance. If you don't like big corporations and global companies, don't buy from them! But if you set your options to prevent THIS site being paid, the money we're losing will instead go to pay big business. It's like buying from Exxon/Monsanto/Microsoft/McDonald's but preventing the staff from being paid and letting the corporation keep their wages!

Q. "But I HATE adverts!"

A. Then you've come to the right place! The advertising policy here is SELECT ADVERTISING, which means the advertising here generally stays out of the way until you want it, like a copy of the Yellow Pages book hiding on a bookshelf, virtually invisible until your pipes burst and you reach for it to search for a plumber!

Q. "But I staunchly support Mozilla's 'no images' option and people's right to eliminate annoying adverts".

A. OK, then set the option to see images while you're at this site and the set it back again afterwards. Most of the images censored-out by Mozilla aren't adverts anyway; they're just images that are shared out across different domains to help balance the loading. Besides, Mozilla's "images for the originating web site only" option doesn't stop adverts. It only stops things it suspects to be adverts. It stopped the non-advert banana but didn't stop this casino ad which has been added here for demonstration purposes! As regards pop-ups, DOWN WITH THEM! (how to stop annoying pop-ups). Also see spam and the menace of Jiggling Banners. Let's get this in proportion: This site gets it right about ads and has a sensible advertising policy. Apart from exceptions such as the obvious item here which was included to prove a point, most of the advertising here is unobtrusive. You generally only find it when you need it. It's an advertisement!In contrast, the kind of thing Mozilla is trying to stop, is the type of site where it's got just a few things that are worthwhile that have been put there are bait, and then the rest of it is just total overcommercialised twaddle. You're right to complain about that! But just remember who you're friends are. If you take a zero tolerance stance you'll put us out of business long before you make any difference to the real rogues.

Q. "I've got no idea what you're on about! I can see that silly banana and the silly orange! This is all a lot of nonsense".

A. No problem. Don't worry about it. But be streetwise about computerish problems because it's not true that "ignorance is bliss". This site at least gives some help in anti-virus measures and other overlooked problems such as chain letters. And if you get a message which looks like it's from your bank, be careful because it might be a hoax. See bank hoaxes. Although it's true that Internet Explorer doesn't have the banana problem, it isn't exactly free of fruits, I mean faults! And that's putting it mildly.Banana?Orange?

Here's hoping all this helps! There are thousands of pages at this site, and it's worth getting the settings right so you can see the images properly. Have fun!

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