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Annoying pop-ups and how to put a stop to them!

Pop-ups are extra windows which open up on computer screens without your sayso. They can be annoying, and it's a form of advertising which is frowned upon by many people, in the same way as SPAM! A variant of the pop-up is the pop-under, which is a similar type of annoying intrusive window opening up, but it appears BEHIND all the other stuff on the screen, lurking about in the background in the hopes you'll fall for the advertising without realising you're the victim of such a devious trick!


1. Upgrade to a decent operating system, such as LINUX which, unlike Microsoft Windows, gives YOU the power to control your computer rather than vice-versa!

2. Adopt an extreme philosophy that you never buy from bad advertising and always make conscious decisions about what you buy and where from. Also see Never Buy From Spam! (Requires a level of mental self-discipline which most people don't have).

OR, 3. Get some software of the type which kills POP-UPs! This is available here, and there are quite a few variants, so SHOP AROUND!

Firstly, to stop a the type of annoying pop-ups known as MESSENGER POP-UPS, a good place to visit is Message Blocker (was http://www.messageblocker.org/reseller_mb248.html)

More PopUp Stopping links here...

STOP Zilla

Panicware PopUp Stopper! - was Clickbank - gone!

Exit Killer

PopUp Terminator - http://www.exitkiller.com/ - domain seems to have been lost to cybersquatters even though it was a ClickBank link!

NoPops - no more pop-ups! - was http://www.errornuker.com/info/01.php?hop=zyra1 - removed because of the Clickbank Problem

Stop Pops

- surf the Web without those annoying pop-ups - http://www.stoppops.com/ - again, another domain seems to have been lost to cybersquatters even though it was a ClickBank link!

AdCrusher Pop Up Killer - "Due to the increased number of free popup killers available, AdCrusher sales have been discontinued".

PC Security Shield - stop pop-ups, and have some privacy as well!

SmoothSurfin' - Pop-Up Protection

- Pop-ups stink! Put an end to them forever and surf in peace again with SmoothSurfin' - http://www.harmonyhollow.net/ - yet another domain fallen and lost to cybersquatters

PopUp Eliminator - was with Clickbank

...Well, I'm sure you can see the general theme here!

(Try to ignore any popups that appear during the installation of your pop-up elimination software!)

Also see AntiVirus software , Firewalls , SPAM , Spyware Cleaners , and History Erasers

Because of the evil of cybersquatting infesting this category with BAD LINKS it's important that the links are checked to eliminate future occurrences of such problems. (last checked 2011/08/06)

As if annoying POP-UPS weren't annoying enough, there's an even worse problem with POP-UNDERS. These are like popups, but they hide and then jump out at you later. You can't tell which site they are from, and the whole thing stinks!