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Also see Anti-Virus software and Spyware Cleaners

Here is a list of firewall software...

McAfee Personal Firewall

Computer Associates - Firewall

Norton Personal Firewall +44 (0) 1628 592222 - shame about the Symantec affiliate program!

Panda Firewall

Sphinx Firewall +44 (0) 1256 338438 (Gone! Was http://www.sphinxwall.com)

Black Ice Defender

Sygate Personal Firewall 001 510 742 2600 - free for personal use - oh well, looks like it's Symantec again!

PC Security Shield

Tiny Personal Firewall 001 408 919 7630 - free for personal use

Zone Alarm - free for personal use

Smoothwall Linux - completely free

A firewall is a virtual barrier to stop things getting in and out of your computer arbitrarily. It's typically an internal software shield with a few small holes poked through it to allow specific things, for example A Vonage Box

More to be added here.

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Link here for McAfee!

I have just spent the last hour on a fascinating site
http://grc.com concerning viruses & firewalls, I think you should take a peek and mention some of the test facilities available in your newsletter, the item on http://grc.com/dos/grcdos.htm certainly makes interesting reading, if not raising grave doubts.....

I'm pleased to say that I use tiny personal firewall and my system passed ok, but others may not be so lucky!!!!!!!!!!!

If you think its of value and new to you, I wouldn't argue to a mention in dispatches, it helps to keep our networking active.

Happy reading