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Software companies



Oracle - let's hope they don't become the next SCO, or there might be a comment here!


Red Hat

Ulead Video Software *

Specialists in
Data Recovery Software *

Calibre Software *

Corel Corporation *

EA Store *

Texas Calculatem * - beat-the-odds software

Saver Software *

3D Cart *

AVG AntiVirus * - by Grisoft

Steganos UK *

Ashop Commerce *

I Need Hits *

Steganos USA *

Invest In Tech *

Onspeed *

PC Security Shield *

Trend Micro *

Ultimate Internet Security *

Whizz Education *

Auralog S.A. *

F-Secure UK *

panda Software * - antivirus and other safeguard solutions

Blue Penguin Software *

Fonts.com * - different styles of lettering

IBM software division

Aladdin *


Tune Up UK *

Quicken *

Nero UK *

Allume *

Kowabunga *

Accountz *

Green Screen Wizard *

QuickBooks UK *

Autodesk *

Malwarebytes *


eVerify *

Magnetic One * - innovative shopping cart software

Serif *

Avanquest *

Palo Alto *

Green Button Software *

Text Magic *


Perl Desk * USA

Bot 5 *

Picture Keeper *

Magix *

Roxio Software UK *

Reputation.com *

Diskeeper *

Padalog *

Data Coach *

Anquet Maps *

Form Genie *

Anti Spy Check Removal *

Computer Associates *

Quickbooks Canada *

Software Development .me.uk - custom-made bespoke software and consultation

PC Bug Doctor * - was http://primequk.directtrack.com/z/6262/CD677/ - another Prime Q situation?

STOPzilla *

Vopium *

Bit Defender *

Safe Eyes *

Script Software *

Bullguard *

Tell Me More *

Datacolor US *

Royal Discount *

StopSign Internet Security *

Dorling Kindersley *

MP3 DancerHyperOs *

MP3 Dancer *

Holdem Genius *

Awareness Technologies *

I Drive Safely *

Reputation Defender *

Elephant Drive *

IT247 *

Quick Books *

Ipswitch UK *

Ipswitch USA *

Ipswitch Germany *

Ipswitch France *

Cloud Backup *

inKline Global *

eCost Software *

Live Drive *

Best Priced Brands *

Reimage *

Flame Soft *

Shop Maker *
eCommerce shopping cart software

Babylon *
The one click dictionary translation service

Plan IT *
Software to create your Health and Safety policy

BBC Basic
The programmable BBC Computer lives on as a programming language in your PC

Favicon Generator and Gallery
Create your own favicon files and submit them to our online gallery

8-bit software publishing label

Rosetta Stone *
Software so you can learn a new language.

Chinese Software? China Guide *

Gap Minder
Liberation and translation of data. The world's geopolitical data made understandable by good graphical presentation.


APEK Software - was http://www.apeksoftware.com

Wolfram Research

a free program to help to solve the mystery of those sections of text with muddled-up words that you can still read!

Nova Development - was www.novadevelopment.co.uk

Corel *

Bright Filter *



Roadkil.net - Roadkil's Unstoppable File Copier (recovers bad files with disc faults)

Power10 Linux-friendly Management-software

OST Program
Still hoping to put a web address link here

Sage (USA link works, but beware of cookies on UK site)


FastTrak - was www.fasttrak.co.uk

Animated GIF Banner Maker

eJay - was www.ejay.co.uk

the Digital Partners www.tdpl.com

Cetus Software - was http://www.cetussoft.com/

Data Becker.de, .co.uk and .com

Dorling Kindersley *

Be - gone - was http://www.be.com - domain lost

Star Office

was http://www.videotexsystems.com/Software.htm

Merrion Computing

Miracle Type Limited
"Look no further. Miracle Type is a fast, effective typing method, that will put an end to your frustration at the keyboard".
- was http://www.miracletype.com - gone - cybersquatted

Grey Matter / Sitespring

RomTech Inc

Unbeatable Deals - free CD (gone!)

SoftwareFirst.com *

GamesWire.com *

SoftJam Software/Shareware * (awin)

Zyra shareware

If you run a software company and you're interested in developing a webtools project, you may be interested to know that the software used for running this website (check the size of it) could be developed as a commercial software package. If you're interested in taking on this project, see the webtools project - You could develop it!

Do you make software (Computer programs)? Do you fancy being on this list? At the top of the list, perhaps? e-mail. If your company is not on this list here, don't be offended, get it included! And if you think the order should be different, (for example with YOU on the top of the list), see the PRESTIGIOUS LIST

How the order of this list is arranged

* = affiliate program