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Data Coach

Get your club out of the Second Division with Data Coach. With this software you can improve your performance and tactics and start moving up the table.

Data Coach:

"DataCoach Manager™ is the revolutionary Championship Winning interactive soccer tool that no one who loves the game can afford to be without.

Based on the traditional magnetic board, DataCoach Manager™ provides a graphical display of the football pitch, the teams, the players and their movements.

Simple, cost-effective and easy to use DataCoach Manager™ is used by everyone passionate about the game; supporters, grass-roots coachers, or managers at the highest professional level.

A free trial is provided on the site.

DataCoach software is also an approved learning product with Curriculum Online the Government backed ICT portal for schools.

Great Britain Deaf Team win Gold with DataCoach.

To DataCoach Team, You will be pleased to know that our own team - Great Britain Deaf won the Gold Medal at the 'Deaflympics' in Melbourne earlier this year (January to be precise) . I can assure you that your product proved to be an invaluable visual aid for getting the message across to the players. It certainly worked for setting up tactical awareness and set pieces. Many thanks for your contribution! Chris Gwynn, Great Britain Deaf Coach".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Data Coach

www.datacoach.co.uk affiliate program was with Paid On Results

Sadly, the Data Coach company has gone and their domain has been lost.