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Or Soccer, if you prefer

The game of "Football" (in its wider sense) has been played in various forms since ancient times. It's a game where two teams compete against each other kicking a ball with the aim of getting the ball into the goal net at the other end of the pitch. This page is about the football game most popular in Britain, a game whose full title is "Association Football".

This site has got an increasing number of football-related pages, so it seems a good idea to have them connected from a category. Some of these may be of interest...

Football pages:

FIFA International UK

Football Break - Football trips to all overseas top clubs!

The Football Association

Online Shops that sell Football kit, football equipment, kit, etc...

UK Soccer Shop

Big Toe Soccer - in the USA


Soccer Garage

Keepers Kit

Lovell Soccer

World Soccer Shop - in the USA

Chelsea Megastore

Tienda Futbol Mundial - Latin American football kit across the Western Hispanic world

JJB Sports

Subside Sport US

Team Direct - gone

Soccer Scene - gone

Just Socca - gone

Direct Soccer - gone

FC Barcelona - gone before it started

Absolute Footy - football merchandise (gone)

Icons * - football memorabilia (gone)

SKLZ - performance training equipment

Subside Sports - football merchandise online

Onion Bag - football/soccer gear

A1 Sporting Memorabilia

Tickets to go and see Football

Live Football Tickets

Ticket Unlimited

Football Pools:

Predicting football matches which will be a draw with the hope of winning a fortune.

Football Pools

Lottery Numbers Selection by LAST WEEK'S FOOTBALL RESULTS (don't do it!)

The New Football Pools


Littlewoods Football Pools / Lotteries / Games

Vernons Football Pools


Gambling on football matches.

Betclic Casino

Betclic Games

Betclic Poker

Betclic Sportsbook



William Hill Sports Betting

Casino gambling; a list of online Casinos

Coral the Bookmakers

Paddy Power Sportsbook

Casino on Net - 888 Casino sponsor football teams

Coral Casino

Sporting Index - gone - spread betting

Football Pitches used as comparative measurements:


Oak Furnitureland

Victor Chandler

Various interesting Football references:

Vuvuzela Alternative Ideas - the accursed horns - different uses of

Flash Photography at Football Matches

Guinea Pigs cutting the grass - guinea pigs can cut the grass, but need to be rounded up before a football match

Made.com - table football

Personalised Football Gifts * - the specialists in football gifts which are personalised

Bargain Balls - including footballs - gone

Bill and Ben the Cartoon Men - including a few personalised football gifts

Barclays Football Card - (gone) It's a Barclaycard with a football theme

Carbon - carbon 60 buckyballs - molecules "shaped like footballs"!

American Football - different game again

Children's Rooms - including football themes

Framed Share - own a share in a football club!

First Transpennine Express - including some notable football clubs as destinations

Mobilis Healthcare - (gone) - supplier of healthcare to football clubs

Data Coach - "revolutionary Championship Winning interactive soccer tool that no one who loves the game can afford to be without".

The People's Club - (gone) - fantasy football, except it's real!

Price Right Home - football themed bedding

Setanta - somehow folks have allowed them to own a monopoly to all the football rights!

SKY TV - monpolising sport

Savile Rogue - gone - cashmere football scarves

Sweatband - football tables

The Beer Belly - a way of smuggling beer into football matches

Toffs Ltd - retro football shirts

Health Clubs At Home - pre-owned fitness equipment - clients include football clubs

St.Patrick's Day Store - a place that stocks Ireland Football and Rugby gear.

Robots - including robot football

Devoted To Sport - gifts - including to do with football

My Protein - sport protein supplement - as used by some well-known football clubs

Buy and Walk - including football boots

Jurys Inn Chelsea - within walking distance of the football grounds

Successories - motivational products - including football inspirational gifts

La Manga Club Resort: Spain - among the many attractions, playing football

Making The News - comedic personal football news reports

News Recreated - actual historical news coverage from your specified date - including 25 top football clubs

Villas To Go - one of the villas has its own football pitch!

SIBLU - holidays including football coaching

No ID! Down with Identity Cards! Down with Big Brother! - Football ID cards considered the "thin end of the wedge" to totalitarian government oppression in the UK

Other types of Football? American Football, Gaelic, Australian, and a few others.

If you're wondering where the word "SOCCER" comes from, it's an odd abbreviated form of the expression "Association Football", presumably abbreviating it to 'sociation first, and then it acquiring an Oxford -er ending, like the way Rugby is sometimes called Rugger. Hence, soccer.

If you're wondering why there seems to be an unfortunate trend towards renaming the game "soccer", it's an American influence. The term "Football" always refers to the variant that's most popular in the place, so in Australia "football" refers to the Australian version. In the USA, "football" refers to American Football and they use the word "soccer" to talk about the game that's more popular in the UK. The folly is in allowing the US way of doing things to be copied in the UK. Remember what happened to the "billion"?

For more about Association Football, there's a good review at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Association_football