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If you love football, you'll love Setanta. There's plenty to watch for all you fans and there's loads of other sporting action as well.

Setanta (2009)

Setanta Sports has grown tremendously over the last few years.

"Setanta Sports has high brand awareness in Scotland and Ireland where it has been broadcasting Live SPL football. It recently won the rights to broadcast 46 live and exclusive English Barclays Premier League games every season, which started this August. It has also won the rights to broadcast live and exclusive US PGA TOUR Golf.

Setanta Sports is an international sports broadcaster. In the UK, the Setanta Sports Pack consists of 9 great sports channels, (soon to be ten with the addition of Arsenal TV by Xmas):

- Setanta Sports 1

- Setanta Sports 2

- Setanta Sports Ireland

- Racing UK

- Racing World


- Celtic TV

- Rangers TV

- Just launched- LFC TV (September 20th)".

If you had been tempted by this, here WAS the link:

The Link WAS Here To Go To The Place!


http://www.setanta.com/ affiliate program was with Affiliate Window

Setanta were gone, and then came back, and then went again, and then came back again, and it's been tricky to keep up. Really this is not the way to run an affiliate program, and they should have been in business continually for the long term instead of all that PPC Nonsense. Anyway, they have now GONE and will be unlikely to return. A shame, as we were happy to promote them here. So, the page has finally been bunged up. Shame! Well it isn't entirely Setanta's fault. They somehow lost the contract with the football rights, and that left them at a loss on what to do. Well in my opinion the football should never have been on an exclusive contract anyway! It should have been open to anyone who was willing to screen it for a sensible price, and then there'd have been more competition and a fairer market, and there'd have been more football on TV. But instead, it fell victim to exclusive contracts. Pity, there's no more Setanta on here. It also seems that Sky TV also has this problem, which is an attempted abuse of a commercial position. Fortunately courts have ruled that Sky TV attempted to force a monopoly is not legal in European Law.