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Football Pools, Lottery, and Littlewoods GAME ON!

Littlewoods, the famous long-established name in gaming, is now available here. Football Pools, Bet Direct, Prizebuster, Littlewoods Lottery, and the notable GAME ON! In the words of Littlewoods: "Littlewoods Game On is the fun and exciting gaming site from the UK’s leading gaming company. With the chance to win the biggest prizes on the net of over £2million every week, visitors can play a wide variety of instant win games, daily & weekly lotteries, sports games, skill games and big jackpot pools.

Littlewoods Game On!The Littlewoods Game On website is a new service offered by Littlewoods Gaming to provide exciting gaming opportunities".

"Littlewoods Gaming is one of the UK's oldest established gaming companies, providing football pools, sports betting, lotteries and competitions. Founded in 1923 as Littlewoods Pools, the company has a regular playing customer base covering 1.5 million households.

Littlewoods Gaming have had a long established relationship with football in the UK, not only through their organisation of the largest and longest running football pools competition but also through being the first sponsors of the FA Cup between 1994 and 1998. Through its links to football, including ongoing contributions to the Football Foundation, Littlewoods Pools alone has given back over £400 million to the UK's national game.

Littlewoods Game On!Littlewoods Gaming's multi-product offering across Pools, online and telephone sports betting and soft gaming (lotteries, scratchcards) is complemented by its multi-channel distribution network including mail, telephone, the Internet and a 22,000 strong collector network.

Bet Direct (www.betdirect.net), the telephone and on-line betting arm of Littlewoods Gaming, has been one of the fastest growing sports betting services in the UK and now has over 227,000 registered account holders. Bet Direct offers a full range Littlewoods Game On!of fixed odds betting and prides itself on delivering innovative betting incentives for its customers through daily "Best Bets".

PrizeBuster was the UK's first Internet and interactive TV lottery. The game involves customers matching either 3 or 4 numbers between 1 and 49, based on the National Lottery Draw, the average prize money for 3 numbers is £560 rising to £9,400 for 4 numbers".

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