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The National LotteryThe National LotteryThe NATIONAL LOTTERY

The UK National Lottery by Camelot now featured at Zyra's affiliate website

The National Lottery is a well respected and recognised brand in the UK. It's a fun game which anyone over 16 in the UK can play, and if you play it, there is a small but mathematically plausible chance that you could suddenly be the owner of millions of pounds of money just by sheer luck.

The basic National Lottery game works like this: You choose six numbers out of 49 possible numbers on a card. You pay £1 and buy a ticket. Then, on the night of the Lottery Draw, you can watch the television programme to see if your numbers come up. There's quite a lot of grand ceremony to it, and then random number machine is started up. The balls are bouncing around inside a big transparent drum, and it is entirely unpredictable what the results are going to be. Anyone who has got a ticket could win. This is where the aspect of hope comes in, because there is just a chance that It Could Be You.The National Lottery

If it is You, you would become very wealthy. If you were previously poor or only average to well-off, winning the National Lottery would transform your life. It's a prize which is designed to be so big that even if you bought a big house and a snazzy car, lived a decadent lifestyle, travelled the world on an ongoing basis, and opened up bottles of champagne at the same rate that you currently open bottles of milk, you would probably never run out of money. This is the key feature of winning the National Lottery; Your life would be transformed and you'd be able to buy just about anything you wanted. You can start dreaming about this and planning what you would do if you won. This is part of the fun!

The National LotteryAs well as giving you a lucky chance to become rich, The National Lottery also does a lot of good for good causes! At the time of first publishing this version of the page (2005/01), the National Lottery was just celebrating the creation of its 1600th millionaire and fact that over fifteen thousand million pounds had been raised for Good Causes so far.

As well as the main prize draw which started as the main event on a Saturday night some time ago, the range of variations of The National Lottery has blossomed into an extraordinary wealth of possibilities, including having a Wednesday Lottery, Thunderball, scratchcards, and things to do with mobile phones. Worth having a look into the options available. In their own words: "One of the fast growing web sites in the UK, offering online tickets for Lotto, EuroMillions and Daily Play, plus the phenomenally successful portfolio of Instant Win Games".

Remember, that playing the Lottery is FUN, and you might win and you might not. If you don't win, don't worry. But if you win, then you'll have a lot to think about.The National LotteryThe National Lottery

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www.national-lottery.co.uk affiliate program was with Tradedoubler. Sadly, the program has now finished and the page has had to be Bunged Up. In the meantime, for alternatives please visit our Gambling page.

More information: We're very pleased to be advertising The National Lottery at this site, and say Welcome! For a long time there has been a page about the National Lottery here, and it has accreted a number of interesting associated ideas, many of which are now in the page of Interesting Lottery Ideas, such things as the amusing lottery number choosing book, the lucky lottery number choosing computer program Probability Magic, the notion about your chances of being struck by lightning, the review about being fair to Camelot, and some advice about real lotteries versus lottery hoaxes that say "Congratulations!" in an e-mail message). Diversity has been maintained, while focusing this page onto the main issue which is the actual National Lottery. Good luck, but more importantly Have Fun!

If you receive an email saying you have won The UK National Lottery you can safely assume it is a scam! The National Lottery doesn't send out e-mails to winners, and besides, you've got to have bought a ticket. There is no random email lucky ballot! See UK National Lottery Scam

The real UK National Lottery could have been accessed here, as well as by going into the Post Office. It's also worth considering, What would happen if You won the Lottery

Update: Late2011, Now we see "My name is Hector Riva. Welcome to my world!" on TV ads for the National Lottery. Hector Riva is a millionaire character in the TV ads, showing you that if you won the Euromillions lottery, you'd have some interesting decisions to make regarding your lifestyle. Hector Riva doesn't tell you that you will choose the same things he does. His example simply gets you to think about what you would choose to do if you were in that position of winning such a large amount of money.