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Random numbers and luck are of the essence with Lotteries. You might win if you are lucky in choosing the same things that the random number generator happens to choose.

UK National Lottery
Lotto, by Camelot. The opportunity to win a fortune. Someone will win it. The fact is: IT COULD BE YOU


Mobile Lotto Results

Littlewoods Lottery

The Daily Draw

My Lotto Lines

Lottery Universe

Match More Lotto

Conga Lotto

Big Fat Lottos

Win Trillions


8020 Lottery.com *
"Corvette Giveaway" - was http://www.8020lottery.com?memid=535&creative=484 - but surely this should be on the page of Independent Affiliate Programs ?

Loopy Lotto (awin)

Play Monday
Charity Lottery

King Lotto


Striker Million (awin)

The tactical bidding at Bid and Click is not officially a lottery or a tombola, but as the lowest unique bid wins the goods, you may consider whether it belongs in this category!

MegaMoney Games

Oz Lotteries (disappeared on dgm pro)

Mouse Lotto (gone)

"The Ultimate Lottery Book: Lottery systems (wheels) -  the most entertaining, well-organized, highly-balanced and economical ways to play the lotteries"

Lottery Information Directory
Lottery Directory and Lottery Search Engine

www.clublottery.co.za - South Africa's lottery club

As well as the UK National Lottery featured at this site, there are many other lottery related ideas and other stuff including Zyra's online guide to choosing your lottery numbers