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Conga Lotto

Play any lottery from around the world at the Conga Lotto website. It's easy, as they will purchase the tickets for you, keep them and if you're lucky they'll let you know! Don't spend all the children's pocket money on tickets though.

Conga Lotto:

"Congalotto.com offers the most convenient way to play official world lotteries from anywhere!

Official lotteries are incredibly popular around the world, but until now they were not accessible unless a consumer lived in or visited each lottery’s location. Congalotto.com has solved that problem!

Congalotto.com is a messenger service that enables people from around the world to purchase tickets from some of the largest and most exciting lottery jackpots in the world. With clients in more than 140 countries, the company offers a global service.

Many times, jackpots surpass 100 million dollars in prizes and can be won by one single player. For example, Mega Millions (a multi-state lottery association in the US) has a jackpot, which starts at 12 million dollars and has reached as high as 370 million dollars (the highest jackpot in US lottery history, which was awarded in March 2007).

At the Congalotto.com web site, clients will choose which lottery or lotteries they wish to play, such as MegaMillions, PowerBall, and more. They will also choose the number of tickets that they want and the numbers with which they want to play.

Once the client has signed-in and deposited funds in their account, Congalotto.com’s dedicated agents will purchase the lottery tickets on the client's behalf at a licensed lottery retail location.

Finally, the company will store the ticket in a safe box in case it becomes a prize-winning ticket. If the client wins, Congalotto.com will notify him/her and help the client collecting the money.

Congalotto’s messenger service include purchasing and managing the tickets, email notification when jackpots reach a certain amount as well as email notification if the client is a winner and much more services which clients can personalize at their better convenience".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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http://www.congalotto.com affiliate program is with Trade Tracker. The links were http://tc.tradetracker.net/?c=4007&m=142913&a=60487&r=&u= but they have now gone! So soon. I would have thought with a name like Conga or Conger they would have been associated with the adjective "long". Anyway, this page has had to be bunged up, barely a week after the page was created. What a waste of time!

However, don't worry, as other Lottery Ticket places are on this site. Good Luck!

The sudden time-wasting disappearance of the Conga Lotto affiliate program isn't the fault of Trade Tracker, and it may not even be the fault of Conga Lotto. It is looking now as if there was a marketing agency involved and they made a mess of things.