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TradeTracker is an affiliate marketing company which is well worthwhile knowing about. I was first introduced to TradeTracker in July 2010 at the time DGM UK had a problem. There's a lot of shpiel on this page, but if you'd like to take a shortcut, you can join TradeTracker here

At TradeTracker they say "Want to increase your online sales results? TradeTracker will help you with this objective by providing you with the most reliable and intuitive proprietary software solution in the affiliate marketing industry. Our tracking and linking technology is unique and provides real benefits in terms of your bottom line. Our client led approach means that we are always focused on your business goals. We will be constantly monitoring your campaigns to ensure maximum revenues are achieved".

TradeTrackerI get the impression that TradeTracker is the kind of affiliate marketing company where they really care about affiliates and understand that affiliates behave individualistically rather than en-mass. (Not all affiliate marketing companies have got this sussed). It's almost as if they've read Zyra's page about how to run an affiliate marketing company properly when they designed TradeTracker!

Furthermore, at TradeTracker, they say "TradeTracker UK is part of TradeTracker International, the market leading affiliate networking company in many European territories.

Our success has been built on the relationships formed between affiliates and merchants in-conjunction with our advanced, in-house designed, software.

We are active in the no-win no-pay marketplace and offer our clients unrivalled opportunities to participate in this booming industry".

Indeed, TradeTracker seems to be based in the Netherlands, and is a .nl site. The Netherlands is one of the most culturally progressive countries in the world.

TradeTrackerThey say things like "Welkom bij TradeTracker Nederland. Haal optimaal resultaat uit uw online inspanningen. TradeTracker biedt online adverteerders (merchants) en publishers (affiliates) de mogelijkheid om op basis van "pay-for-performance" online marketing en sales activiteiten te ontplooien en te optimaliseren. Door middel van "next generation" software kunnen online campagnes simpel, meetbaar en op basis van doelstellingen worden uitgevoerd en gemonitord, waardoor een optimaal rendement aan inkomsten behaald kan worden. Met behulp van de modernste software en een uitstekende dienstverlening stelt TradeTracker publishers, adverteerders en mediabureau's in staat om het maximale uit affiliate marketing te halen".

If you speak English but not Dutch, don't worry, because TradeTracker have thought about this in advance and provided all of the material in English as well. Shucks!, eh? Just when we thought we might sell another Babylon language course!

At TradeTracker, their shpiel continues... "The strength of TradeTracker lies in its ability to efficiently realise turnover growth for its clients. TradeTracker differentiates itself from other suppliers by its unique approach of proactively ‘thinking with the client’ and its passion for client service.

This approach has proven itself in:TradeTracker

Interested in working at TradeTracker? Take a look at the overview of available vacancies. TradeTracker offers challenging (international) functions in a rapidly growing company".

As well as job vacancies, there are always opportunities to work with TradeTracker as an affiliate, or as a merchant. If that sounds of interest, here is the important link to follow...



Image symbolic of shopping and prosperity. This is what we hope for in this new world of expanding possibilities, The Internet.

Make sure you read the contract. It's a bit like the Magic Circle where you have to promise not to give away in-house secrets. The contract itself is public, of course.

Apologies to the Merchants at TradeTracker for the dreadful banners and absence of appropriate-sized banners for them at this site. Whereas merchants at most networks get a dedicated page with a 468x60 banner at the bottom and a 120x60 banner at the top, the merchants with TradeTracker tend to end up with a 52x52 png at the top and that's all. The reason for this is that there's a policy of banners being forbidden by no right click. The reason for that is, we hear, because of the notion of preventing affiliates from hard-coding banners. (The assumption is that affiliates are rogues who will hard-code time-sensitive banners). I propose a much better solution: Have two types of banners, in effect banners fitting into two classifications. Have "hardcode-friendly" banners, which are typically static, unchanging through the years, like those at the Shopping Portal, and have a separate section of "Thou Shalt Not Hardcode" banners which we all know not to hard-code.

Update 2011/06/20: We last searched the TradeTracker Merchant List (well, the version at TradeTracker, anyway), and recovered several merchant pages from being "bunged up", so that's good! TradeTracker is a very go-ahead company where there's very much a pro-active approach to getting merchants on the books. This fits nicely with the policy at Zyra's website to list lost merchants at such places as Previously at DGM and Bunged Up, where the pages themselves become realms of opportunity for the more enterprising merchant-hunters within affiliate marketing companies.