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Sorry about this, but it's the old S2D6 DGM UK affiliate links

When DGM first started it was great, but some time in the summer of 2010 there was a problem and DGM UK went into Administration. Affiliates are puzzled and wonder how could DGM go out of business?! Meanwhile, though, it is a fact that now the middleman company has closed, all of the old links are defunct and are coming up with "error". So, something needed to be done.

If you're a customer, and you want to find the place you're looking for, you may be interested to know that I publish the web address of the place on the page. You can usually find this in the last paragraph on the page about the place. (go back one page and see).

Merchants, if you find your links no longer work, it's not our fault. It's a shame DGM UK went out of business, and there are a great many people who consider payment should be made, when in fact they are very unlikely to be paid. However, hope is at hand, because we'd like to get some new affiliate links added. You can choose from a list of affiliate marketing companies and shop around for the best deal for your company. Then let us know so we can see about getting your new links up!

Deal Group Media (UK) had many merchants on their books, and you can see the current state of salvage going on at the DGM Merchants List where work is in progress! Some of the most clued-up merchants had their new affiliate program up and running almost straight away, whereas some, through no fault of their own, heard about the loss of the affiliate marketing company by a less direct route, for example when some helpful affiliate let them know! Some merchants may take a while to get their confidence back, but in time, they will, because affiliate marketing works rather well most of the time!

I hasten to add, it's not affiliates' fault that DGM UK went into Administration. It's also unlikely to be the merchants' fault. I think there are questions about DGM which need to be looked into. It would be interesting to find out where the money went to.

On a wider perspective, affiliates are good for business, and at Zyra's website there will continue to be dedicated pages which will persist and there will be promotions across a wide range of affiliate marketing networks. It is in the nature of how to run your own company that it's not an "all eggs in one basket" type of setup.

You are welcome to visit The Shopping Portal and Famous Names, and if you are still looking for something different, there's a set of classifications (categories). There are over seven thousand pages at this site, which you can see listed alphabetically if you like!

The list of merchants connected with this page is as follows:

Ben 10 Online

Bingo On The Box

BT Internet by a customer

Circus Casino

Circus Poker

CNM Online

Debenhams Car-Insurance

Debenhams Home-Insurance

Debenhams Car Insurance

Debenhams Home Insurance

Demon Internet


Farm Africa

Fine Art International

Financial Times

Great Gifts - World Vision

Hit Entertainment Store

Homeowners Friendly Society

Homes Direct 365

Hot Watches

Interior Addict

Lakeland Leather

My Test Drive

Nick Shop

Oola Lingerie

Parkdean Holidays

PDSA Pet Insurance

Perfect Pizza

Poker Strategy

So Bathrooms

Tariam Satellite Communications

Terry's Textiles

The Art Fund

The Aspinall Foundation

The Fuelcard Company

The Menswear Site

True Acai

United Airlines

Viking Airlines

Virgin Vie

WWF - World Wildlife Fund - World Wide Fund for Nature

It would be nice to get a new affiliate program connected up and to have some of these places back on here! See affiliate marketing companies for options.

If you are working at an affiliate marketing company and you have the good news that you have got one or more of these places on your books, please let us know! Also, you may be interested to see the page "Bunged Up" which is a remarkable resource for an affiliate marketing company to get new business. Come on you affiliate marketing companies! It is astonishing that some of these companies are currently sans affiliate programs.