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This page is the personal opinion of a customer. If I have got anything wrong, please tell me and I will amend it on the next issue of this site.

BT Internet.

Link to Zyra's site at BT Internet at www.btinternet.com/~zyra

To see the site of BT Internet, link here to www.btinternet.com <=You can sign-up from here

To see what Zyra has to say about BT, link to BT page here.

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To order a free BT Internet CD link here, or you might be able to get one by phoning 0 800 800 001 UK

Thanks to British Telecom Internet for hosting the webspace here. BT Internet was (2001/01) offering the biggest personal webspace available, at 2Gb (two gigabytes, ie 2048 megabytes), which is available when you buy the SURFTIME package and the BT Internet subscription, and pay up IN ADVANCE. Still, £109 for two gigabytes is not bad in those days, is it!) Well done to BT Internet! Note: According to BT Internet (2001/02), this offer is no longer available. But there is another offer on. Contact the company for more information.

Also worth mentioning is that the BT Internet server seems to be quite fast. Uploading speed is very good, or at least it was when I was trying to upload the digital photography gallery. I think they're running UNIX.

I want to talk about the UNMETERED ACCESS Two Gigabytes deal - I am INTERESTED! It would be good to be able to talk to BT Internet, but there is no way of doing it as far as can be seen so far. This is very odd, as BT is in the communications business! It would be good to sort this out, as I would like to know some answers to questions of a technical nature (and I will not phone premium rate 50p/minute as a matter of principle). Anyone know anyone else doing this?

Note: e-mails sent to mailto:support#btinternet.com have always been returned with no direct help or support, but with a message to look at the FAQs and click on "REPLY". There IS no "REPLY" to click on!

Come on, BT! Remember IT'S GOOD TO TALK?! I'm a potential good customer. Talk to me!, or you can phone me if you like. I've got a BT phone line.

There was an issue with www.btinternet.com (also known as BT Openworld), raised by the BBC's Watchdog programme. The issue was quite involved, and I have received e-mail material expressing considerable dissatisfaction with the service. What appears to be the case is that although BT's pay-as-you-go service was quite fast, the unmetered access was severely traffic-jammed, and then BT made a decision to charge extra for "high users" (which seems to defeat the whole point of UNMETERED access!). Let's hope BT heeds the feelings of their customers and gets this sorted out! (References: http://www.bbc.co.uk/watchdog/reports/reports_wbtanytime.shtml plus http://www.bbc.co.uk/watchdog/reports/reports_wbtanytime2.shtml , which are unfortunately now bad links at the BBC!).

Another issue which we are currently trying to resolve is the matter of the timing-out. What happens is, if you're online for longer than two hours, you get cut off. It's to stop people misusing the service by leaving the phone off the hook. However, the snag is it's not two hours of INACTIVITY, but an absolute deadline. So, if you're in the middle of a download, it's a bit tough! Hopefully BT will soon get this matter solved, so it only takes effect after a period of inactivity, in the manner of a screensaver.

There was an e-mail address on this page (bt.sometimes) which went to the writer of this page, a customer of BT, but since then the main site has expanded to the level where it would be tricky to leave this in!

News: You can now phone BT Openworld FREE on 0808 100 1110 UK, or e-mail openworldcrs#bt.com. Let's hope various problems can soon be resolved! (When phoning people about complaints, remember to be nice to them!)

Note that the customer services e-mail is customerservice#btopenworld.com and not customerservices#btopenworld.com . Also there is support#btopenworld.com

Also note: I'm too honest for my own good in business, and insist on telling you what I know, good or bad, about companies even if they are paying me commission, as I believe it's right and fair to tell the truth. If you appreciate this, and can respect that where I say something is great I actually believe it and am not just using "sales talk", please buy stuff via my affiliate links for all sorts of things all over my site www.zyra.org.uk !

I have told you the honest truth as I see it about BT INTERNET/Openworld. If you'd still like to sign up, please do! Get BT Openworld Account

And there's some sort of special offer at BT Broadband , and now there's also BT Business Broadband for offices. Also BT Open Zone for wireless broadband.

What? BT Internet BY A CUSTOMER? What kind of person would write about BT? Surely this must be a person who never gets out, a kind of NERDY type? Maybe someone who isn't very INTERESTING? Well, prepare to be surprised when you see the front page and the site index !!!

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It's a shame this page has become obsolete, but at least it's been replaced by BT Broadband , BT Business Broadband and BT Open Zone. Also, there's BT Shop where you can get phones and other BT Gadgets.

This page is long gone in terms of currentness, as dial-up ISPs with free CDs are a thing of the past. However, BT Shop is still live, and there are some very good products there, for example broadband hubs.