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This page stands as a memorial to BT Internet free hosting, which was one of the best free hostings that ever was. BT is British Telecom and BT Internet is still around, offering various useful services on the Internet, but sadly there's no longer the free web hosting. Maybe they don't think people understand the merits of having your own website anymore? Anyway, BT still does a good line as BT Shop where all kinds of advanced telephone gadgets can be got!

Here's Zyra's old page at BT Internet Free Hosting, which was part of the larger resource Zyra's Website (Zyra.org.uk). This will, of course, continue!

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Welcome to Zyra's webspace at BT Internet.

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This page is largely historical, as when it first started at BT in January 2001, Check ISP Status!BT was offering 2 gigabytes of webspace, which was an astonishing amount then, especially for a dial-up ISP. Much has happened since then, and BT now (2011) has BT Shop with a variety to telephonic gizmos, and BT Internet is now offering fibre-optic broadband.

Old review now continues...

Thanks to British Telecom Internet for hosting the webspace here. globe of the worldSee BT Internet. BT Internet is currently (2001/01) offering the biggest personal webspace available, at 2Gb (two gigabytes, ie 2048 megabytes), which is available when you buy the SURFTIME package and the BT Internet subscription, and pay up IN ADVANCE. Still, £109 for two gigabytes is not bad these days, is it!) Well done to BT Internet!telephone

I want to talk about this, and it would be good to be able to talk to BT Internet, but there is no way of doing it as far as can be seen so far. This is very odd, as BT is in the communications business! It would be good to sort this out, as I would like to know some answers to questions of a technical nature (and I will not phone premium rate 50p/minute as a matter of principle). More about this continuing saga at ABOUT BT INTERNET

Meanwhile, see architectural photography gallery on this server, Sights of Manchester

The Sights of Manchester page was set up to test the download speed of the dial-up ISP! However, its popularity has meant that it's had to be moved to a full-spec hosting at Zyra.me.uk rather than the more modest type of hosting which was offered free with dial-up ISPs.

While it lasted, in comparative terms BT Internet was one of the best free website hostings. It was fast, had good reliable FTP, and had Linux servers. It was one of the most reliable of the free hostings, and did not suffer from unreliability problems which some host did. Also, BT Internet actually cared about their customers and didn't leave them in the lurch. This shows a clear distinction between reliable companies like BT , and unreliable companies like Tiscali / TalkTalk