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Hosting Companies

SpectacularAs per my advice about How to Get a Website, here are some Hosting companies. These are companies who usually have stacks of computers in racks in vaults, as safety and reliability is important. There has to be no "down time", or almost none. This is much more convenient than having your own computer plugged in all of the time and hoping that the cable to the Internet can cope with the traffic, which is known as Bandwidth. I'll explain why bandwidth is important at the end of the list...

That's where this website is hosted! The bandwidth required was the crucial issue. The
Zyra website has thousands of pages!


1&1 *

One.com *

rackspace *

Krystal Web Hosting *

IBG Hosting *

Tiscali *

Pipex *

Lunar Pages UK *

Cornish Hosting *

More Than Web Hosting *

Manage My Services *

Netcetera *

Easy Space *

Strato *

fasthosts *

Web Hosting UK *

Yahoo *

Omnis *

Poundhost Internet *

Demon *

Web Impact

Value Hosting of Australia * ()a

Active ISP (awin) pan-European *

Whizx.co.nz (clickbank) New Zealand domains and hosting *

Web Fusion with Pipex and 123 reg *

Bounceweb *

Beam Host.co.uk * ()

UltraHosting * ()

1&1 Internet Ltd *

Simply.com (Gone!) web hosting and domains *

Nordic Hosting - 200 megabytes in Norway (Norid domains .no) *
Was http://nordichosting.com/?hop=zyra1 - sadly lost because of the Clickbank Problem

Liquid Web

Zoom.co.uk (awin) * - Plus, Zoom.co.uk is also a famous name in Fashion

Web Intellects *

Factoria Digital *
alojamiento de sitios web

WebFusion *

Hostway Australia * ()a

Vivostar Affordable Hosting

Servers - Data Recovery
If you are a Hosting company, you've got to avoid downtime, and make sure the servers keep on running. In case of failure, it's very important to have a RECOVERY SOLUTION. Terabytes of data can be recovered by remote control, sometimes very fast! Here's a useful contact to know:
Ontrack : Remote Data Recovery

* = affiliate program

If you run an Internet Hosting company, don't miss out. You can be on this list, especially if you have an affiliate program

Also see domains and other Internet facts.

I do not recommend Go Daddy!

As well as Hosting companies there are ISPs who provide an Internet connection service where you can access things on the Internet. These are at the page of Internet Service Providers

For uploading to ISPs, see FTP

This site is DISTRIBUTED ACROSS these ISPs by means of a computer program written at Zyra Electric. HTML-ISP can spread a site across an arbitrary number of domains and reconnects all the links so as to seamlessly join it all together even though it's distributed all over the place! This could be developed into a commercial software package. If interested in taking on such a project, see Webtools Project and we'll see what can be done.

Also see the set of front pages of Zyra's sites which also goes on about some things to do with ISPs!

How you too can get your own website - For detailed method, see The Free-Website acquisition page and the page How to Get a Website

As per my advice about How to Get a Website, here is something important to understand: You have to be careful about hosting companies. Some hosting companies have been seen supporting Cybersquatting. The ethics of this can be considered in the way that some banks and public limited companies reap the wrath and displeasure of the investing public by being ostracised if they are found to be supporting slavery in the third world, organised crime and racketeering, etc. My advice is: Avoid hosting companies who are in the cybersquatting business. If you see a domain is being cybersquatted by a hosting company, you should put that company on your AVOID list. Together, by boycotting evil practices we could put some places out of business, and even if that takes a while, we can in the meantime make sure they lose out. Cybersquatting is evil and those who do it should be punished.

I have heard it said that if you type a speculative domain into a habitual cybersquatting hosting company, they will register it and steal your idea.

Another problem which you need to be aware of, is that some hosting companies have limited bandwidth. It's a bit like the fact that your electricity supply can only have so-many kilowatts plugged into a power socket before there are serious overload problems. Do you need your own generating station yet? When I first started Zyra's website, I managed ok with Freenetname, who were a Free ISP, but then after a while there was the problem of bandwidth overload (too many people looking at the site for the servers to cope with) and I moved to Web Impact. Later, another move, this time to Vivostar, where 30 gigabytes per month of bandwidth is ok, for a price. Most hosting companies have an "absolute limit" where you can't have more than, say, 20 gigabytes per month. There are plans here to be able to expand at least up 1 terabyte per month without having to seriously rework the operating methods. More about bandwidth here.