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Buying your own DOMAIN NAME

Also see Domain Name Country Codes and Choosing your Domain Name

Places to buy domains:





IBG Hosting

.tv domains

.tk domains

.at domains

.me domains

Australian .au domains at Value Hosting


Whizx.co.nz New Zealand domains and hosting - was http://hop.clickbank .net/?zyra1/whizx

Nordic Hosting - 200 megabytes in Norway (Norid domains .no) - was http://nordichosting.com/?hop=zyra1 - sadly lost because of the Clickbank Problem

Internic Uruguay - domains in Uruguay (.uy). Also .ar and .cl - was http://hop.clickbank .net/?zyra1/inetsrl - gone saying "This site is no longer in service or has been disabled due to a terms of service violation. / Este sitio ya no está en servicio o ha sido desactivado debido a violaciones en las condiciones del servicio. / Diese Seite ist außer Betrieb und wurde wegen Missbrauch unserer Verordnung gesperrt. / Ce site n'est plus en service ou a été disconnecté par suite de violation des termes du service".

Beware of cybersquatting! It's best to buy your own domain as soon as you can, so as to stop impostors from getting it.

You can register a domain name using the links on this page SAFELY and avoid having to pay too much for it. I bought my own .net domain for £21.13 with 123-reg

Also beware of domains which aren't "proper domains", as they can go out of fashion and also are not seen from most computers! For example, such things as New.net and Dotworlds.net require the average person out there on the Internet to have their special plug-in. As most people don't have it, your website can't be seen by most people. Besides the fact that they are browser specific, the other speculation is, what if the authorities who define proper domains were to declare a domain type which conflicted with the New.net et al domains? What would happen then most likely is that the new.net domain owners would lose their domains to anyone who bought the "official" version! It goes without saying, that the domains advertised on this page are proper domains that don't have this problem!

Remember that domains need to be RENEWED, and you need to watch out for that on the anniversary of the initial registration of your domain. There are various things to be aware of in advance, which are explained on a special page about the subject: Renewing Domains

If you're definite and sure about what you want, go to 123 Reg now, or, maybe first you'd like to hear my advice about choice of domain names