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.me domains

Montenegro made a big fuss of the launch of their .ME domains. I have now at last got Zyra.ME, but initially this was difficult as cybersquatters got in there first. The .ME domain was infested with cybersquatters, but now that seems to have died down a bit! Note that cybersquatters are a pestilence upon the Internet, more like malaria than spam. The defeat of cybersquatters in this instance is a bit like The Story of Zyra.EU

Quite why the .ME registry was so inflicted with the plague of cybersquatting is a mystery, but a good clue may be in the ominous presence of the evil GoDaddy. Advice: AVOID. Anything GoDaddy = AVOID.

If you need to look up a domain or to buy a domain, I advise using the well-trusted 123-Reg. I'm not so keen on their hosting (WebFusion), but at least with 123-Reg they can be trusted not to steal your domains or to misuse your search information.

Here are a few links about the .me registry and the dreaded scourge of cybersquatters:






Also see Down with Cybersquatters
One suggested possible solution for getting rid of cybersquatters which could be done in the registry.