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For the first time, on Issue144 of Zyra's website, the webspace is included. Great news! (It wasn't always so. See the initial problem of .me domains and the evil of cybersquatting). But now at least there is a good outcome, as per the .eu domain matter. So now there's going to be some real content! (Real Content is the vital stuff of the Internet). might initially have similarities to , but as time goes on it's likely to develop differently. We will see.

In case you're wondering where .me is as an international location, it's Montenegro.Around the World See Montenegro at Wikipedia. Montenegro is one of the independent countries that exist again now that old Yugoslavia has gone. The curse of communism has been abolished, and the new Montenegro is a modern capitalist country. Montenegro is not to be confused with Macedonia which is also a newly liberated part of the old Yugoslavia and is now mentioned in the list of Tax Havens (Well Done!). In case you're puzzled why an Eastern European country seems to have the word "Negro" in the name, well it is Monte Negro, or The Black Mountain.Zyra's website In the local language this is Crna Gora. Historically the country was sometimes known as "Zeta". The modern sudden appearance of Montenegro as a new country is yet another success in the matter of secession, and that's good! You can go on Holiday in Montenegro with Balkan Holidays. They arrange the flights, accommodation, everything.

What's going to happen at is going to be interesting. We can be sure of that. It will be interesting to see the expansion of Zyra me content

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Early update on Issue145: How DARE McAfee suspise this site of being a spyware/virus threat!? I ask you, if it were, then how come it's on the list of Status Lamps ?!

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