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The Zoo is being refurbished?

I was exploring around London Zoo and I found a region which was being improved and developed and there behind the glass there was a strange looking creature, The Zoo is being reFURBISHedand I took this photo, and I had to chuckle, because the phrase came to mind "The Zoo is being refurbished".

Maybe I should have taken more heed of the sign, and noted that it was maybe a tamarin or a marmoset, or some other specific form of primate from an interesting exotic location.

The photo is a little bit out of focus, but the creature may be nocturnal and so the lighting is quite low. It's not easy keeping nocturnal creatures in a zoo and having them on show in the daytime, as it requires switching the lighting around so the animal is active during the same periods of day that the visitors are.

In case you're wondering why the idea of "refurbished" is so amusing, it's because the animal has a passing resemblance to a Furby. These, like Mogwai, are not to be seen in zoos. However, there are some small furry animals to be seen. It's not all big headline animals like lions and tigers!

For more about this, see London Zoo

In case you're wondering, yes, the zoo was actually being refurbished at the time.

I don't usually speak out against search engines, but I noticed that this particular page was BANNED a while back. Can it be search engines have no sense of humour? They don't see the humour of the "refurbished" idea? Or maybe they fail to see the interesting style in which a nocturnal environment has been portrayed atmospherically with text in "low light" while still readable? Or, then again, it could be they've banned the page because of unorthodox capitalisation. That would be strange, but considering the truth about The Mystery of Stamp Demon, nothing is beyond the odd attitudes of search engines. If you don't like these people making decisions for you and invoking inappropriate censorship, it's time to PROTEST! You can do this by linking to this page!

Since then, even more search engine problems have found, some things so bad that I am now suggesting Google be Replaced. Then again, Google have, to their credit I might add, started including this page in their searches. So, not all bad.