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review by a customer and affiliate

(Pronounced? It's easy to assume it would be TisCAli, perhaps in a style Italiano, but in fact it's pronounced TIScali by people working in the UK office. I still have my doubts about this, as the company head office is ".it", so, that makes it an odds-on favourite to be TisCALi!)

Welcome to Zyra's webspace at TISCALI

To link to the main site, please link to ZYRA's PRIMARY SITE

Or to link to the my front page at Tiscali, go to ZYRA's SITE 6

Thanks to TISCALI for hosting the webspace here. For more information about Tiscali, go to their site at www.tiscali.co.uk . Also note that Tiscali also owns LineOne, which also had an affiliate relationship with Zyra's site!

Tiscali also provides a cheaper phone service called Smart Talk

It's worth knowing that although Tiscali looks a bit "Windowish", it IS possible to use Tiscali after the upgrade to Linux. People still using the older Windows operating systems can upgrade safely by having an extra hard disc partition with Linux on, and run a Tiscali dial-up on both operating systems.

You can have your Tiscali ISP set up in addition to, and alongside of, other ISP(s) which you may already have, with no problem!

You can sign up here, on this affiliate link, which means I get paid a modest bonus, but it doesn't cost you anything - it's on the marketing budget!

Tiscali Sign-Up Links Page - sadly, this has gawn! It's gawn offline, so if you want to visit Tiscali, you could type in the web address which is www.tiscali.co.uk

(affiliate program was via Affiliate Window and DGM)

This also includes various special offers such as the camcorder prize draw, the free wine, the holiday, and the Anytime option, which allows up to 150 hours of Internet access per month (not exactly "unmetered" as was originally stated by Tiscali) at any time of the day or night. This is probably similar to the LineOne SurfTime offer, except that it allows 24-hour access rather than just off-peak.

This is how much these things cost:

Tiscali pay-as-you-go 1.7p / minute
LineOne standard 1.7p / minute
Tiscali Daytime (8am - 6pm Monday-Friday) £4.99/month
Tiscali Daytime (8am - 6pm Monday-Sunday) £7.99/month
Tiscali Offpeak (6pm - 8am) + all weekend) £11.99/month
Tiscali Anytime (24-hour 7 days/week) £15.99/month
Tiscali Smart Talk phone Cheaper than BT

You also get a 'FREE' CD by the SurfXtra offer which appears shortly after you sign up. Is the SurfXtra CD really free?

Update 2009/05: Now although this webspace has been online for yonks, alongside all the other Hostings of Zyra, the days of having Zyra's site hosted at free dial-up ISPs are long gone, and Zyra's main site is hosted at Vivostar. Tiscali has also moved on, and has not remained a dial-up ISP, and has instead moved on to being a phone company. In the time around 2008, Tiscali was busy trying to get people to move their phone account to Tiscali and away from BT. The thing is, though, the salesfolk were making claims that "you move your line rental and it stays the same. It's just the same as BT" etc. Well, we always suspected that wasn't quite true, or at least not as simple as that! I have been happy to have a Tiscali broadband Internet connection, and to have my phone calls on a Tiscali unmetered "free for the first hour" type of a tariff, but I have refused to let Tiscali take over my phone line rental.Tiscali logo

During the Credit Crunch, Tiscali announced large losses, and there were worries by customers that Tiscali would collapse, and I know a few people who abandoned Tiscali because they thought it might suddenly fail and leave them in shtuck! However, thankfully this has not happened. Instead, Tiscali has been taken over by The Carphone Warehouse! Well, Well Done to The Carphone Warehouse! This is good news, and it may mean that there will be a reform at Tiscali and some of the bad practices alleged by some customers will be sorted out. If you'd like to see some more about this, you'll most likely be intrigued to read the Tiscali page by Xyroth, which is now online.

Further update: During December 2009, some of the LineOne webspaces hosted by Tiscali Disappeared. This was a nuisance, especially as there was no warning and no way to contact anyone at Tiscali technical support without phoning a premium rate number. So, those Tiscali Disappearing Websites have been bunged up and the whole sorry story written about.

January 2010: The Tiscali affiliate program disappeared. However, Carphone Warehouse still there!

Tiscali has been taken over by Talk Talk, but the downside is that people's webspaces have been deleted. Entirely unacceptable!

Update 2011: I have experienced a problem with Tiscali Broadband. They cut me off, even though I had specifically expressed that they should Not cut me off. The disconnection was done at an especially awkward time (during the early morning of Xmas Eve, during a publishing of the website), and despite an earlier reassurance by the staff of Tiscali/TalkTalk that there would not be a disconnection.

Despite discussions with staff at Tiscali/TalkTalk and discussions with Ofcom and with the Ombudsman Otelo, seven months later there is still no solution. For more about this, see My Tiscali Problem, a personal account by a customer.

Tiscali failed to give compensation, and even failed to pay up the money they owed. They are a company that does not pay their debts. Or at least, they didn't pay their debt to ME. Therefore I have written the whole story up so as to warn people about Tiscali. This is featured at My Tiscali Problem