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TalkTalk have LOST webspaces!

After the takeover of Tiscali, people's webspaces were lost, disappeared, deleted!

Just after the publishing of Issue143, it was found that the webspaces at LineOne and Tiscali had GONE! Presumably other people had lost their webspaces too. As both of these companies were owned by Talk Talk, it was worth phoning them on their non 0870 number 020 7087 2000, but unfortunately this did not achieve any good results. So, the pages are being redirected and the story written up!

This is a repeat of the Tiscaliability fiasco!



Check ISP Status!


Check ISP Status!

Of course the pages don't disappear here, because this website has its definitive copy offline, so the material that says both good and bad about Tiscali is not silenced just because the websites have been "censored out". They've simply been reallocated to other webspaces!

Note the Disappearance of LineOne/Tiscali sites

The story is also told at other websites, for example...


None of this is not good news for Talk Talk , and although they started out as a decent company, in my opinion they have gone down a long way since the time they started.

The scandalous loss of webspaces smacks of the fiasco of Geocities and AOL Hometown. Shocking!

Not only that, but TalkTalk Tiscali behaved in a similarly cavalier manner in the role of ISP. They disconnected the broadband even though they had assured the customer they would not. There is a moral lesson to be learnt from the deplorable behaviour of Tiscali: Don't trust them with being your phone company! (Don't let them have your phone "line rental", or you could end up in shtuck).

I recommend having a decent hosting at Vivostar, where for a sensible affordable price your webspace is safe, and you are in control of the bandwidth. As an ISP, BT Broadband is reliable.

Note: This matter of People's Websites Disappearing is not to be confused with "TalkTalk Censoring The Internet". That was a different problem, and probably involved a naff caché of the Net, such that other people's websites were invisible to TalkTalk customers! If you have Talk Talk as your ISP, read the note at the end of that page.