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BT Business BroadbandBT Business Broadband

British Telecom BT Business Broadband is more than just a fast broadband Internet connection for business; it also includes VoIP, your own freefone or local rate telephone, online storage, and business support helpline, as well as various extra ISP perks because it's business. There's much more about BT Broadband Here

In their own words "BT Business’ 1.1 million customers are characterised by their diversity. An SME could be anything from a start-up or ‘micro-business’ (1-10 employees), such as an e-bay seller, landscape gardener or hairdresser, through to a substantial ‘medium-sized business’ that’s become a national brand (250-500 employees), such well-known restaurateurs, wine merchants or hotel chains". - excellent! We like diversity!BT Business Broadband

"BT Business Total Broadband

BT Business Total Broadband is a complete broadband service package specifically designed for business customers. With up to 8Mbps download speedsBT Business Broadband and £200 of essential extras, designed to help customers focus on doing what they do best: manage their business. This includes dedicated 24/7 freephone Business Broadband helpdesk support, anti-virus and anti-spam protection, collaboration tools and a business VoIP line with calls at capped rates.

Full List of features included: (terms and conditions apply)

• A business VoIP line with calls at capped rates
• 24/7 business broadband helpdesk and extra support to make switching hassle-free
BT Business Broadband
• Anti-virus and anti-spam protection
• 10 Email accounts to help your business look professional
• 50Mb Webspace to help you find more customers online
• Secure ‘workspace’ for storing and sharing information online
• Free 0800/0844 line rental

There are three BT Business Total Broadband Options, from £19.79 (ex VAT) a month, Option 1 is ideal for individuals and smaller businesses through to Option 3 from £40.50 (ex VAT) a month, perfect for offices that require additional security, unlimited usage allowance and comes complete with IT Support Manager the complete PC support service.
BT Business Broadband

In addition to the above packages, there is a Network option available to seamlessly connect 5-20 users to broadband backed with service level guarantees

I hope that Local Area Network LAN for inside your office is compatible with Linux and the various types of in-house office network wiring that you get these days.

We've had BT Broadband on this site for a while, but now it's nice to have BT Business Broadband as well!BT Business Broadband

Furthermore, BT Business also add: "BT Business is committed to retaining our existing customers; as such we will be offering a special promotion for resigns through our affiliates". - that's re-signs, ie where you come back to BT. It's nice that they say "Welcome Back!"

Plus, "Existing BT Business Broadband customers can easily upgrade their service to our new BT Business Total Broadband products and benefit from some great new features".

Apparently, if you have the right type of BT Business Broadband, you get so-many minutes of BT Openzone as well!

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

BT Business BroadbandBT Business BroadbandLink Here To Go To The Place!

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