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BT Openzone

Get yourself some broadband vouchers from the BT Openzone website. That way you can stay connected, even at the Coffee Shop.

BT Openzone:

"BT Openzone is the UK’s leading provider of public Wi-Fi with over 190k hotspots in the UK, in locations such as Coffee shops, airports, hotels, Marina’s and service stations.

BT Openzone allows users to do everything they can do from a regular broadband connection when they are away from the office.BT Openzone

To use BT Openzone users simply need a wireless enabled laptop or device and a BT Openzone voucher. There are 4 BT Openzone UK voucher options, a low cost 90 minute and 24 hour access and are great for short term immediate access to the web.

Our longer term vouchers include great value 5 day and 30 day vouchers which provide a longer term access and allow users to log-in and out as much as they like over the period.

All the vouchers offer easy connection, and ultra-fast download speeds of up to 8Mb.

BT Openzone is the UK’s market leader in public Wi-Fi with over 190k hotspots:

- Access the internet wirelessly in locations including; Starbucks and Caffe Nero, Hilton, Thistle, Forestdale, Ramada Jarvis, Corus and Days Inn Hotels, RoadChef and Welcome Breaks, Airports, Airport Lounges, Marina’s Train stations and shopping centersBT Openzone

- BT Openzone gives you the office experience when you’re out of the office, making it easier to get work done when you’re travelling

- Surf the web, play games on stay in touch - Wi-Fi has faster download and upload speeds compared to 3G and you are charged by your time spend online rather than downloads. This makes Wi-Fi great for downloading music, uploading photos, using iPlayer and transferring data-rich files.

- Save money - Making VoIP calls from Wi-Fi is also significantly cheaper than making or receiving calls over GSM when abroad.

- BT Openzone vouchers are low cost and flexible – no wire’s, no monthly bills, instant access – great for those not wanting to commit to a 12 month+ regular Broadband contract

- 24/7 Customer support".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


BT Openzone

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