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The Lost Geocities

Sad though it may seem, the old Geocities seem to have GONE. A while ago, Geocities were geographical analogy places in the virtual world of the Internet. But now, they are gone. To continue to the geographical analogy, it's as if what happened to Hiroshima and Nagasaki happened simultaneously at a large number of sites around the world. Or, like the way some people talk about climate change making many of the great cities of the world uninhabitable.

Some might say it's easy to blame people for living there. When Pompeii and Herculaneum were destroyed by the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius, it was a disaster which later students of history have been known to ask "why did people decide to live there, near a volcano?". The fact is, the soil was fertile around the volcano, so it seemed a reasonable risk. (They'll later have similar questions about San Francisco and Istanbul). See volcano insurance

Well, OK, Geocities were not physical places and there hasn't been a huge death-toll in the destruction of the Geocities. However, it has put a lot of people to some inconvenience. A similar thing has happened with AOL Hometown

In both cases, people put the foundations of their web presence in the trust of those ISPs, and then suddenly, GONE! Such a setback has in some ways made people lose confidence in The Internet, and that is sad.

Also beware of Facebook, as that may also go belly-up.

Even though I did not have a Geocities site, I have lost out, because of a variety of people I link with, and their websites all disappearing. (Of course I never link to Facebook!)

So, here's what I suggest:

* If you had a website at Geocities, you should upgrade to a decent hosting, for example Vivostar, where you pay a modest sum and your ISP reliably keeps on hosting your site. You are the customer, and you are in charge of your website.

* If you had a link with me, let me know so we can change the bit where it says "gone! was www.geocities... etc" and instead it can say "Welcome back! New site www.[your chosen domain].etc and we can resume having a link!

* Make sure you keep your definitive version offline, so you have a reliable backup and you're not dependent on data being stored online.

I'm sorry that you've lost your Geocities website, and you have my sympathy, but don't give up! Have a new website! See How to Get a Website. Good Luck!

GeoCities may be lost, but GeoSweep (the geography based Lottery) is still alive. You can still gamble on a Location!

GeoSweep Blimp

Also, people who've lost their websites on Geocities may yet have hope that they could get the stuff recovered. There are projects such as http://fanlore.org/wiki/GeoCities_Rescue_Project , for example.