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Geosweep - the UN lottery!GeoSweep

The UnLottery

According to GeoSweep, this is a phenomenon that’s taking the UK by storm. It's said to be backed by a high-profile TV campaign to promote interest in GeoSweep.com

Described as an "UnLottery", GeoSweep is an intriguing prospect. Essentially, you play the game by putting a pin in a Google Map, and that location is then used as your stake. So, whereas with The National Lottery you have to think up some numbers and hope they are the same as the ones the random number machine generates, this is different. You name a point, a place on the map. This has more significance and poetic meaning than numbers, and you could choose a location anywhere on the map (of the UK).

Here's what they say at GeoSweep: "GeoSweep is a new national prize game. Rather than betting on numbers, your 'stake' is a location on the map – your house, your office, the place where you had your first kiss for example.

The game is developed using Google Maps technology allowing users to 'buy' locations with a 10p stake. These plots are then entered into two daily draws – the first pays out a guaranteed minimum prize pot of £5,000 and the second gives players the chance to win £1million.GeoSweep Blimp

We have offices in the West End of London and employ a team of over 20. We are registered in the UK and pay our taxes here. That's rare. We are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission — license number 000-027025-R-308720-001.

We invented this game. We own it and we're proud of it. No one else can offer you GeoSweep or anything like it. It took us years. Blood, sweat and tears. We did it because we are fed up of the sub-standard. We did it to give you more. More fun and more value, more often.

We're good, but we're not perfect. That's where we're heading. Over the next few months we'll make changes to improve GeoSweep.com, based on what our users have to say. We've also got loads of new features in the pipeline — so watch this space!"

GeoSweep is definitely an innovative game. Numbers can seem impersonal, but staking a claim to a location that's got relevancy to the physical world, that's got style. Of course there's an added cheekiness to it because the location might be territory which you do not own. It could be a sensitive area which you might not even be allowed to visit!

The possibilities of this geographical-focused, educational, interactive, geo-targeted, National UnLottery will unfold, and if you'd like to have a go, it's cheaper than putting a roulette chip on a table, and cheaper than buying a National Lottery ticket. At the time of writing this page, staking a GeoSweep claim cost 10p.

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


Odd as it may seem, GeoSweep lost their affiliate program and so this page has had to be bunged up. A shame, because they have a good idea and it's worth promoting. They may return some day. Meanwhile, we'll have to make-do with other Lotteries

GeoSweep Blimp

http://www.geosweep.com/geosweep-web/home affiliate program is with TradeDoubler

I have pointed out to those helpful friendly people at GeoSweep that there are identity issues. Even in the UK you have a legal right to have a Single Name and not be compelled to conform to a first-name last-name. I am ZYRA and I have recently won versus a well known UK bank, with the help of the Financial Ombudsman!