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Places by region: London, Yorkshire, Boston UK, Boston USA, New York, Belize, Russia, Burma, Guatemala, The North Sea, Birmingham, Peru (the understanding was that the link with http://www.enjoyperu.com was a reciprocal link), Manchester, Panama, Timbuktu, Australia, Bali, Kefalonia, Egypt, Turkey, Tibet, India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Scredington, Barbados, Iceland, Krakatoa, Grimsby, Ireland, Isle of Lewis, Antigua, Aruba, Isle of Eigg, UK, USA, River Amazon, Isle of Man, Ipswich, Cyprus, Lesbos, other Mediterranean islands, Bangladesh, Llygadwy, Atlantis, Channel Islands , Hainan Island (was www.hainan-island.net ), Sealand (was http://www.sealandgov.com). Yes I know that's not a balanced list, but it is always expanding! (Lundy Island was at http://www.coffeestain.net/lundy/index.htm )

How about this? Tropical Island For Sale: islands for sale

Choosing which country to move to

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London Eye

Millennium Dome

Eiffel Tower

The Great Pyramids

Kariba Dam (was http://www.zzam.org/Full/Africa/Zimbabwe/Land/Zimbabwe2_Land_Resources_Kariba_Dam.htm )

Ayers Rock (Uluru)

You can gamble on geolocations (geos) with GeoSweep

South Pole - was http://ast.leeds.ac.uk/haverah/spaseman/index.shtml

Grand Canyon

Mount Everest
(The old address http://www.mteverest.com/ was eventually lost to cybersquatters and was disconnected)

Nasca, lines, and Andean Links

Statue of Liberty

Panama Canal

Devils Tower (That plateau featured in Close Encounters of the Third Kind) - was http://www.newyoming.com/DevilsTower - I wonder if they'd like to have more hosting bandwidth?

Cleopatra's Needle


Leaning Tower of Pisa - Welcome Back! - was http://www.endex.com/gf/buildings/ltpisa/ltpisa.html - now it's www.opapisa.it

Loch Ness

Table Mountain (Tasmania) - Van Dieman's Land - see Stamp Demon

More stuff being added to this and numerous other pages every now and then. Encyclopaedia volumes categorised here.

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Exploring places? How about having a look at Adventurous Traveller?

Also, did you know Teletubbyland is a real place? Take a look at some aerial photography at www.utilities.me.uk (was http://www.work9.fsnet.co.uk) on the Teletubbyland page - was http://www.work9.fsnet.co.uk/teletub.htm

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Where is Atlantis ? Should Atlantis be on here? Is is a legendary place.

Any bad links? The old address about Mount Everest was found to have been taken over by cybersquatters and has now been removed, and once lost will probably never be any use to anyone. If you find any other links have been LOST like that, please write in and report bad links - last checked 2008/03/31