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The Mediterranean island of Cyprus is a tax haven with a warm climate, and a popular holiday destination for many people.

There is a political issue, with Cyprus having demographic connections with Greece and Turkey, but it is an independent country (or two independent countries, depending on viewpoint). North Cyprus was invaded by Turkey to stop Cyprus being taken over by Greece.

Cyprus is the emigration destination of choice of Stamp Demon, and you can read more about this at the Stamp Demon Cyprus page.

As international travel is well featured at Zyra's website, there are quite a few holiday companies who have mentioned Cyprus in their prospectus, so it seemed a good idea to create this page to link them up. The pages which mention Cyprus here, and a few other Cyprus-related references are:

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Sanidrain toilets - because the sewerage arrangements in Cyprus aren't quite what you might expect

Bowhills - holiday homes with year-round availability in Cyprus

Easy Autos - Cyprus gets a mention there.

easy Car - well it is an island, so it is easier to rent a car there than to drive from another country

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Sapphire Villas - including Villas in Cyprus

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http://www.visitcyprus.com - official Cyprus tourist organisation site

the Wikipedia item about Cyprus

http://www.kypros.org/Cyprus/ - Cyprus Net

Scratch Mania - gambling online based in Cyprus

So, there it is, an island in the Med, with Greek and Turkish aspects, a classical history, and a tax rate of 10% rather than the 40% tax rate that the UK has got. If you'd like to visit Cyprus to see what it's like, there are some arrangements which could be made via some of the places at this site.

Incidentally, it is true that Cyprus has cypress trees, and the name is associated with the place. Such etymology may help the tourism, but the Greek island of Lesbos has an even bigger advantage.

Creative commons free MAPS copied with permission from Free World Maps.net, whose link is also featured at the page of MAPS

Well Done to Stelios for such good diplomatic relations through good business making peace between Greek Cyprus and Turkish Cyprus!