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Maps are charts, plans of the lie of the land. By having a sheet you can unfold with artistically drawn descriptions of what's there to scale, you know what's there in the geography.

Ordnance Survey


Map Easy



Above and Beyond

Anquet Maps

Adventurous Traveller

Lonely Planet - maps and travel guide books

National Geographic - cartography for explorers and adventurers


Maps International

DGM Travel Maps - for choosing holiday resorts at locations in the British Isles

ITMB - International Travel Maps and Books - Contact found in Lonely Planet

Satellite Navigation and GPS

Ship Tracking maps.

Free World

A Map of The World as a Wallpaper Mural?! For that, see

Open Maps and Geodata Project - was

The famous London Underground map is at last generally available from London Transport, as a downloadable PDF which converts info a high-resolution image. They are in the business of transport, rather than selling maps.

Globes of the Earth and the Moon are available from Encyclopaedia Britannica

One of the places that sounds a bit like maps might be available is Maplin but in fact it is a supplier of electronic components and gadgets.

Ever wondered why the Mercator Projection is so called? See the page on Gerhardus Mercator

Another thing: When you're buying a road atlas as a book, it's worth looking for the page with your home town on it, to make sure it's not on a join between pages. A minute's checking now can save you a lot of fuss later on.