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DGM Travel maps

DGM Travel Map exampleThis is pretty good. If you want to choose where to go for a UK holiday break, here's a dynamic MAP, and the resorts are all pinpointed by flags which you can click. You can browse and scroll around the map, which is very big, and look at how the holiday resorts relate to each other geographically. You can see how close they are to where you'd like to go on holiday. Then, having chosen a resort on the map, you can click on the flag, and you're suddenly at the site of the holiday place in a trice!

DGM Travel MapsThis, DGM Travel Maps, represents a remarkable diversification of technology for DGM Pro. They've been in the affiliate business as an affiliate marketing company for years, but this new development in conjunction with Google Maps gives a huge advantage for DGM and for their affiliates, and gives holidaymakers a geographical choice of places to go.

DGM Travel Maps started in the UK. Now although the maps actually allow you to surf all around the world, the resorts on the map are currently (2010) within the United Kingdom. So, for a British holiday, this is the way to find the place!

When you give this a try, zoom in (+ = zoom-in) on the regions of interest, and then scroll around from there. It's remarkable what you can find. You can also see satellite images and hybrid map representations of the geography.

Resorts on the Map currently include Haven, Pontins, Warner, Park Dean, Bluestone, Forest Holidays, but you'll see them on the map!DGM Travel MapsDGM Travel Maps

Click here to see the MAP

DGM Travel Maps affiliate program is, guess what, with DGM Pro!

Instructions: If it was a physical paper MAP, you'd have to unfold it and be careful not to scrumple it up. But on the DGM Travel Map, you can grab hold of the map with the left button of your mouse and drag it along in any direction and then let go. This doesn't leave any creases on the map! You can also use the arrows on the screen by clicking on them to nudge the map left[left], right[right], up[up], and down[down]. Also, you can zoom in+ = zoom-in and zoom out- = zoom-in, and look at any area you like in detail. So go on, give it a go. It takes a bit of practice, but you'll get the hang of it, and you'll see how useful it is.

The starting position for the map viewing is on a wide view of the British Isles, and the resorts may look a bit crowded, but Great Britain is a small island and there are a great many holiday resorts, so you'd expect them to look a bit crowded when viewed from space. However, when you zoom in on Skegness, Cornwall, the Norfolk Broads, Wales, Scotland, etc, you soon find where the resorts are in the area.

If you're so minded you can go off-target and use the maps to explore the world, and the close-up maps are there to be seen, but as yet there aren't any Haven, Pontins, Warner, Park Dean, Bluestone, and Forest Holidays out there yet. Still, for a British Holiday, they are there to be seen if you zoom in on the UK at your chosen region.DGM Travel MapsDGM Travel Maps

Click here to see the MAP

DGM Travel Maps affiliate program is with DGM Pro!

The map still works but all the map pins have disappeared, even though DGM assured us that they wouldn't! I urge other affiliate marketing companies to take this Travel Maps feature on and to reinstate Haven, Pontins, Warner, Park Dean, Bluestone, and Forest Holidays, and to put them back on the map! It's strange that DGM International haven't taken this on already! Come on, companies, let's get something sorted out!