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DGM Travel MAP for you to look around interractively

Here is DGM Travel Maps interractive travel map of the UK. Please be patient and wait for it to load. You can zoom in to your holiday region of interest and browse around the virtual geography to find the resorts you are looking for, then click on the flags to visit the websites to book your holiday.

Instructions: Use the controls in the top-left of the map to move around. Use zoom-in + = zoom-in to get a closer view and then use the up[up]/down[down]/left[left]/right[right] buttons to move the map around. You can also grab hold of the map using your mouse left-button and drag the map around. This won't crease it. When you find the holiday destination of your choice, you can click on the flag, and you'll arrive at the website of that resort. Go on, give it a try!

It's a shame that DGM was lost before this could really take on the success which it yet to achieve. Now surely one of the Affiliate Marketing Companies could take this on. I believe it's got International potential, as the maps are not limited to the UK! It would require getting an arrangement with Google Maps, and then it could be used for promoting Travel companies, Themed Attractions, Hotels, and Holiday Camps and travel resorts around the world!