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Encyclopaedia Britannica OnlineEncyclopaedia Britannica
now available online

The famous encyclopedia, traditionally seen as a large set of erudite weighty books exquisitely bound with leather covers, is also available as an online resource.

It looks good on the shelves, but more importantly it's very useful for looking things up! The Encyclopaedia Britannica Encyclopaedia Britannicais a classic multi volume encyclopedia, with a vast amount of knowledge written by a great many experts each in their own field of specialist knowledge. The result is a work of legendary proportions. You can look up whatever subjects you like and learn about all kinds of things.

As technology moved on, the creators of Encyclopædia Britannica put their great set of book volumes onto CD, which was easier to carry around. Later, with the advent of The Internet, the information was put online. Although you are expected to pay a subscription for it, it's not expensive, and the Encyclopaedia Britannica Online has advantages over the wider Internet as it is guaranteed entirely child-friendly, and it has to be up to a high standard of accuracy as the Encyclopaedia Britannica has a reputation to keep up!

Here's a quote from Encyclopaedia Britannica Online Store telling you about this:

Encyclopaedia Britannica in Action"Young minds are full of questions.

Difficult questions.

Britannica Online has the answers.

Finally, you can relax as your child finds relevant, appropriate results in one safe and trusted place. Our wealth of information paired with our special Student Center make Encyclopaedia Britannica Online the ultimate research and study site for your kids".

Well it's a good point, as children ask questions, and you'd like to be able to explain the answers. Sometimes the questions asked by children make you think. Your own knowledge is always improving if you can answer and if you can keep up.

In the words of Encyclopedia Britannica: "Praised by parents and teachers alike, Encyclopaedia Britannica Online has become the ultimate safe haven for youngsters to easily research homework assignments, without being exposed to unsavoury content. It’s also become a destination for older adults to educate their opinions by seeking out the news behind the news. For centuries, our brand has been synonymous with quality, trust, reliability and credibility. Our products have been rated the tops in our industry (2005 SIIA CODiE Winner as Best Online Reference Service)".

As well as the online subscription services to Encyclopedia Britannica, you can still get the physical books, termed The Print Edition, Encyclopaedia Britannica Globeswhich looks impressive, lasts indefinitely if you look after it. If you have this on your shelves, visitors to your home may be impressed at your wealth and educational academic prowess, but you should make sure you actually use it, read it, and dust it, or it may be an empty statement. Also, with the online version, children can not tear it, damage it, spill things on it, or leave it where you can trip over it.

At Encyclopaedia Britannica you can also get a world atlas, globe of the earth, globe of the moon, dictionary, history of cosmic evolution, thesaurus, and numerous other educational items.

At Britannica Store Online they say: "Our collection of learning & reference products continues to grow through the expertise of our staff, advisers, and partners. Encyclopaedia Britannica StoreIn addition to our own Encyclopaedia Britannica print and software products, we're pleased to offer you a wide assortment of the best-selling books and CDs from our sister company, Merriam-Webster. We also have a variety of outstanding science and geography products, chosen for their educational and entertainment value. In our Store, as on the rest of our site, we're proud to build upon Britannica's centuries-long commitment to the thrill of discovery and a lifelong love of learning, and we hope you'll visit often. Encyclopaedia Britannica OnlineWe'll continue to add products and partners of the highest quality and, as always, we welcome your suggestions".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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People sometimes ask "Why would you want an encyclopedia when you can look things up online?". The answer is that