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Internet Directories, Databases, and Compendia of Info

Bulk information can be got from some of these sources...

Google, Altavista, Lycos etc - See list of SEARCH ENGINES

Touch Local - get your business included

Questia - digital library

www.yell.com (British Yellow Pages online)Encyclopaedia Britannica

Yellow Pages.co.uk

Yellow Pages

Viva Street


Angie's List

www.192.com <= UK Electoral Roll + Phonebook!

www.ChangingLINKS.com - interesting compilation/directory of websites

Portal.Wikinerds.org - online portal !

Thomson Local Directory


FreePhone Local Directory (0800 numbers) - was www.freephonelocal.co.uk


Web-Ref.org - we are linked from www.web-ref.org/s/123 in exchange for a link to Adoos in the Advertising Contractors list.

Dmoz - open directory project - as far as we know, they've been boycotting this site for six years now and have never answered e-mails we have sent.

Bartholds - was http://www.bartholds.com


NationMaster countries data

Grok Law

CIA World Factbook - also available from http://www.odci.gov/cia/publications/factbook/index.html

www.faqs.org - FAQ Archives - loads of useful stuff!



UK Census (from over 100 years ago) - was www.census.pro.gov.uk

www.scoot.co.uk (Scoot can also be phoned FREE on 0800 192 192 UK) <= Oh no! It's surely not becoming an EXPENSIVE NUMBER?! More about this here

Talking Pages (could be phoned on 0800 600 900 UK) - now that's GONE too! Shame!


Open Knowledge Foundation

At Hand Network Yellow Pages - was http://www.athand.com/


Internet Directory Enquiries - was http://www.askide.com/

Netscape White Pages people-search - gone - was http://wp.netscape.com/netcenter/whitepages.html - just redirects to AOL

People Finders

Chemistry catalogues

4anything.com Directories - was http://www.4anything.com

BellSouth RealPages - was http://yp.bellsouth.com

GTE SuperPages

Find Celebrities - seems to have been taken over by http://www.propeller.com/

Netscape Home Pages Directory

Netscape Yellow Pages

Netscape White Pages - gone - was http://wp.netscape.com/netcenter/whitepages.html - just redirects to AOL

Yahoo! (has gone through good and bad patches. See the old Yahoo Trouble page)

H2G2 (Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy) (also see H2G2 links)

411web fault?

Project Xanadu

Free Association Machine

Online Encyclopaedias - for example Britannica

allrefer.com - an Online Encyclopaedia

And this, which is especially of note: www.archive.org

loads more to add here, e-mail

These were last checked 2009/12/21 to make sure there were no bad links