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In their own words: "192.com is the UK’s leading people finding website. Go to 192.com to search for old friends, distant family members or lost loves. You can also use 192.com to check the details of someone you have recently met – especially if you’ve met them online! 192.com lets you search UK wide and gives you some powerful search options to help refine your search. See who you can find today!

192.com searches over 600 million residential names from current and historical Electoral Rolls, Age Guides, Directory Enquiries, Director reports and Birth, Marriage & Death records.192 com

How our People Search Works

Because every search you do on 192.com checks the Electoral Roll and Directory Enquiries at the same time, we cover more of the UK population and allow you to search in a much smarter way.

192.com's People Search gives you the flexibility to search across the entire UK even when you don’t know the location of the person you’re searching for. You can also choose to refine your search by location, forename or middle initial. With 192.com’s Advanced People Search tool you can even search by the names of other people that are likely to be living at the same address as the person you’re looking for, such as their husband or wife.

People Search Sources

192.com data sources include Directory Enquiries, updated daily, the 2008 Electoral Roll, historical Electoral Rolls dating back to 2002, and Birth, Marriage & Death records from 1837 to 2004. 192 com192.com also appends an indication of a person’s against next to their current Electoral Roll listing – making it even easier to find the person you’re looking for.

If the person you are looking for is a Director of a company, 192.com will even tell you where they live, their age, how much they paid for their house and how much profit their company made last year.

People Searching Tips:

* Search UK-Wide without a Location
With 192.com Electoral Roll searching, you can search for any name UK-wide – that is, you don’t require a location to search. To find a person through Directory Enquiries, you will need to know that person’s location to search.

* Search for multiple names per household
Directory Enquiries allows you to search for the bill payer’s name only and only if they are ex-directory. So if you are searching for other members in the household, then you’ll only find them with a 192.com Electoral Roll search.
192 com

* Search by Forename
In the Directory Enquiries database, only the first initial is recorded. So if you get 3 results for “J Smith”, how will you know which one is your “J Smith”? With 192.com Electoral Roll searching, we give you the full forename and in some cases the middle initial as well.
Search by Middle Initial
If you have numerous people with the same name in the same location or even UK-wide, search by middle initial on a
192.com Electoral Roll search narrow down your search results

*Search by Other Occupants
You can also narrow down your search results by the names of other people that live at an address. Or if you cannot find who you’re looking for on the Electoral Roll, you can search by other family members.

*Search for People without a Landline
Electoral Roll searching on 192.com even helps you find people that don't have a phone line at their address, such as those that only use mobile phones.

The best part about 192.com is that once you’ve found who you’re looking for on the Electoral Roll or Director Reports, you can search for their phone number as well!

192.com & Genealogy

With 192.com, the UK’s leading people finder, you can rediscover your past and your present. Search Birth, Marriage & Death certificates from 1837 onwards, as well as current and historical Electoral Rolls. 192.com is one of the only sites on the Net which lets you research your ancestors and trace distant living relatives.
192 com

Whether you’re building your family tree or looking for long lost family members, 192.com is a great place to start. Start with by searching for any name and location in our advance people finder. You don’t even have to start with a location if you don’t know.

192.com’s people finder will simultaneously search current and historical records including Electoral Rolls, the Birth, Marriage & Death register, Director reports and Directory Enquiries. Results returned will date back from 1837 right through to the present.

Just remember when researching your family tree, Births and Deaths are listed under the date of registration and Marriages are listed under the date of the event. Also occasionally age is not recorded accurately and names are misspelled – particularly for records from the 19th century!

If one of your distant living relatives is a Director of a company, 192.com will even tell you where they live, their occupation, their age, how much they paid for their house and how much profit their company made last year!UK Info Disc

Once you've discovered your family tree, you can even take yourself on a virtual tour of your ancestor’s home town or village with 192.com Maps – including the best quality aerial photography on the Net!"

So there you have it, the information about 192.com, the UK’s leading people finding website. Also,UK Info did you know that 192.com's products used to include the UK Info Disc? It was a CD ROM based product derived from the Electoral Roll and BT's directory enquiry database which included value-added business data as well as maps and route finder information. A range of European disks are/were also available".192 com

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We also take note of the fact that 192.com is not part of BT and BT Directory Enquiries, and it's just the name of the company 192.com that has a similarity to the old phone number of BT Directory Enquiries which was 192

Cautionary note: The information at 192.com includes both information which is current and information which is historical. This is good, as you may wish to look at both types of information. However, you should be aware of the difference.

A few helpful hints about your detective work when using the info at 192.com:

* Historical records say what year in which they were current. This can be helpful.

* ‘Length of Occupancy’ is a useful feature. Even if the record is historical, it's possible to get an idea of the likeliness of the people still being there. For example, if there's a record from 5 years ago saying that the people have been living there for 20 years, then it's much more likely they are still living there, in comparison to "5 years ago they'd got a ‘Length of Occupancy’ of 1 year".

* If you need to contact someone urgently but they are ex-directory, you can search for the Neighbour’s Telephone Numbers. At 192.com they recognise that there are times where you really need to get hold of someone in an emergency and if they are ex-directory, contacting them through their neighbours, before you travel, works.

* Make sure postcodes are valid. You can find out which numbers exist within a street (and where the gaps are).192 com

* Find information and then use the information you have found to find other information. This is part of the finesse of detective work. See, it's not just a matter of consulting the oracle.

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Welcome back! http://www.192.com affiliate program was with TradeDoubler. Sadly, the program has now finished and the page has had to be Bunged Up. In the meantime, for alternatives please visit our People Finding page.