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News (2001/02) is that there appears to not be any H2G2 now. Also, all the links to it are centralised, so everyone was dependent on it. It might be better next time to have a chaotic-backup or distributed system, so that it is fault-tolerant. The current problem has left all the people at a loss no longer being able to contact each other. In the meantime, if you would like to send me stuff to put on this site I am now taking contributions. I have a list of characters on this site, and would like to get to know you. Reciprocal links can be arranged.

News (2001/05) is that H2G2 has moved to www.bbc.co.uk/h2g2 , but the problem of it disappearing will not be forgotten. So as to stop this happening again, a system is being set up so the members know each other rather than it being a dependency-culture. To that effect, see AND ADD TO the Xyroth page of H2G2 characters at: www.xyroth-enterprises.co.uk/h2g2pals.htm

Well Done to The BBC for saving H2G2 !

Well Done to Xyroth for providing this useful set of h2g2 links!:

h2g2 peer review

A395020 genetic engineering

A462610 cookies

A492338 fundamentals of law

BBC Online - h2g2 - Telephone Sanitizers - A603596

BBC Online - h2g2 - - U54963

h2g2 university


BBC Online - h2g2 - Intelligence project index - A584525

BBC Online - h2g2 - intelligence - A598584

internal combustion engines

BBC Online - h2g2 - Project Internal-Combustion Engines - A629417

BBC Online - h2g2 - Rotary Engines - A650945

BBC Online - h2g2 - Four-Stroke Internal Combustion Engines - A633232

BBC Online - h2g2 - Two-Stroke Engines - A650918

BBC Online - h2g2 - Diesel Engines - A650936

BBC Online - h2g2 - Alternative Engines - A637661

BBC Online - h2g2 - Airplane Engines (Combustion) - A650297

BBC Online - h2g2 - The University Admissions Office - A338915

intelligence forum on my page

intelligence forum

Intelligence forum for the university project

BBC Online - h2g2 - Theories of Intelligence - A582301

BBC Online - h2g2 - Intelligence and Genius - A582293

BBC Online - h2g2 - Machines and Intelligence - A582284

BBC Online - h2g2 - Animal Intelligence - A582275

BBC Online - h2g2 - What is Intelligence - A582266

BBC Online - h2g2 - Intelligence Tests - A582257

BBC Online - h2g2 - Evoked Potential - A582248

BBC Online - h2g2 - General Intelligence - A582239

BBC Online - h2g2 - Specific Intelligences - A582220

animal intelligence in hard to name Forum

Google Web Directory - Science Social Sciences Anthropology Enculturated Apes - was http://directory.google.com/Top/Science/Social_Sciences/Anthropology/Enculturated_Apes/

Language in child and chimp

Multiple Intelligences Theory - was http://www.rspublishing.com/Multiple%20Intelligences.html

BBC Online - h2g2 - Project Extra-Sensory Perception - A573824

Welcome to the Global UltraHIQ Community

BBC Online - h2g2 - Theory of Evolution of Human Intelligence - A622982

BBC - h2g2 - Project Evolution and Creation - A672248

h2g2 xyroth U149792

research at xyroth enterprises

h2g2 - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

h2g2 Peer Review A395589

h2g2 Reading the Guide A462485

h2g2 What's Coming Up A395822

Yahoo! Groups h2g2chat

Interesting h2g2 Statistics

BBC Online - h2g2 - H2G2's Musehome - A420661

BBC Online - h2g2 - The Singularity - A512902

BBC Online - h2g2 - Smileys - A155909

BBC Online - h2g2 - Brainstorming Board - A527708

BBC Online - h2g2 - What's Coming Up - A395822

BBC Online - h2g2 - Miscellaneous Chat - A121096

BBC Online - h2g2 - Links and addresses - A544051

BBC Online - h2g2 - Petition for Greater Freedom on h2g2 - A544943

BBC Online - h2g2 - Update Headquarters - A496451

BBC Online - h2g2 - The Flea Market - A608762

BBC Online - h2g2 - h2g2 Feedback - Editorial Feedback - A388334

BBC Online - h2g2 - h2g2 Post 27.09.01 - A619328

BBC - h2g2 - Anne McCaffrey - A341696