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British Broadcasting Corporation

This is a page about the BBC at Zyra's site. The real BBC website is www.bbc.co.uk which you can link to! To their credit the BBC have decided to be .co.uk - WELL DONE to the BBC! None of this .com nonsense! They've also got bbc.com, and also www.bbc.tv interestingly enough! Also see BBC Radio

BBC - British Broadcasting Corporation started out as one of the first wireless broadcasting stations, callsign 2LO. When television was invented the BBC branched out into that too, and now with new media being invented all the time the BBC goes on using this "reinventing itself", a great strength that it has.

Another thing about the BBC is that it sets a standard, insisting on producing stuff of a certain quality, and having principles. So, for example, no commercial advertisements on BBC television and radio - the reason for this mainly being to maintain provable impartiality.

The BBC broadcasts to the world, not just to Britain, and has also diversified into a great many lines of business.

Zyra's website is on affiliate programs with BBC SHOP, with BBC SHOP (UK and Europe) and with BBC SHOP AMERICA and with BBC Canada. So, if you're either side of the Atlantic you can buy BBC products online via links here.

The BBC now has many television channels available free on Freeview (BBC3, BBC4, etc)

Now obviously it's not going to be practical to try to sum up the BBC in a single page like this, so you'll just have to go and visit the actual site and see for yourself!

What about the BBC Computer ? - oh yes, that was a good quality computer in the 1980s!

BBC News

Well done to the BBC for rescuing h2g2 in August 2001, and for rescuing UK digital terrestrial tv!

Also see BBC Magazines to see some hard-copy BBC publications.