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The BBC - the British Broadcasting Corporation. This is THE bbc, known worldwide for making television, radio, Internet, etc. BBC's realm now also includes Freeview. Also see BBC Shop

There are other entities called BBC, for example...

Boston Borough Council

Burbank Broadcasting Corporation in Cincinnati, Ohio - a comedy parody bit on radio station WLW starring Gary Burbank. He specializes in satiric and gentle humor.

Bucks Boarding Company - BBC MK - skateboard specialists.

Boston Bargain Centre - a shop in Boston where items are generally of a bargainous nature. It is a pound shop mostly, but with some exceptions, thus giving the place more flexibility for offering bargains than some of the absolutist pound shops!

Bob’s Bargain Centre - we are reliably informed that on Eastenders, that well known BBC1 Programme, there is a shop called Bob's Bargain Centre which is sometimes visible when people are at the tube station!

I'm sure there are a lot of places with the acronym "BBC". Sometimes accidental or coincidental, and sometimes a deliberate irony. Any to add? e-mail

BBC not to be confused with BCC