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The name of Yahoo has been well known on the Internet since the early days, but the company has gone through good times and bad times. A while ago, there was a problem with Yahoo which has taken us a long time to forgive them for, but now it's all put in the past, so now we can get on with the more positive things!

For example...

Yahoo Web Services

Thankfully the mending of the relationship has also occurred on the other side of the fence as well, as Yahoo have started including this site properly in their search engine at last. So, we can get on with being good for business. Equally, I know some people who don't get on well with Google because of seemingly bizarre search engine behaviour which gives these big places a sort-of ineffable factor.

This page at Zyra's website (Zyra.NET and Zyra.org.uk etc) comes at the time of Issue139 when we were also forgiving Buy.at for the financial annus horriblis which they experienced in the form of Platform A Buy.at which was part of AOL! Shocking! But that's in the past, and as with Yahoo, a new page is created and we start afresh, and there is a turning over a new leaf. That is how these things work here at Zyra's site, otherwise the past misdeeds of these companies haunt them indefinitely, not just until the moment that they start being sensible. I mean, if More Than started being sensible, we'd take the cats off the page, and after a while they would be forgiven for the ridiculous behaviour they committed in the past, but until that time, the cats will stay! Good News update: More Than have turned over a new leaf and so they have been forgiven here, and the More Than Cats are history (page only kept for historical interest purposes. main page is the one about More Than). Also, Buy.at have sorted themselves out (by being bought out by Affiliate Window), and Yahoo have sorted themselves out, so they've got this new page here saying that they are not so bad after all!

Who knows what other affiliate programs we will find for Yahoo at Commission Junction and other affiliate companies?!

Yahoo getting their act together and sorting things out is also acknowledged at the page of The Earth is Smoother than a Snooker Ball which is where the original Yahoo problem started.

Yahoo have improved in various ways. It's the fact that you can talk to them that makes a big difference. Note that you should be able to report scamsters who use drop-boxes at Yahoo. I've got a page about that too. See abuse at Yahoo

Also well done to Yahoo for having a set of things on their front page that show dozens of news stories and pictures but without annoying sliders!

You can visit Yahoo at www.yahoo.com

Yahoo's search engine credibility is somewhat ahead of Google here, because of the Google Problem!