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Yahoo - churl, uncultured oaf, or "brutish lout" (according to Longman's English Larousse). Any number of definitions regarding hairy ignorant ape-like quasi-human creatures. (term coined originally by Jonathan Swift in Gulliver's Travels 1726).

Yahoo - ISP - Internet Service Provider, and notable Search Engine. Although Yahoo came in for some criticism here in 2006 (see Yahoo problem, now Yahoo is forgiven, see Yahoo

Yahoo the ISP were generally ignored by this site until the problem of plagiarists appeared and was not addressed properly (2006). Also see getting rid of Yahoo as your homepage! Please note that now, in 2010, Yahoo is forgiven, and that page has been changed to be "How to get rid of [whatever] as your homepage", and then when Google got too big for their boots and started being a Google problem, the page became getting rid of Google as your homepage!!