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Or "Ignorant Yahoo!"

Not to be confused with the modern term "Yahoo", a trade name of a notable Search Engine and Internet Service Provider, the old term "yahoo" refers to any of a number of apelike subhuman forms of quazi-humaniform beasts as seen in the famous book Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift in which the traveller sees the world from a set of different perspectives. Political satire ahead of its time. The book is available in bookshops and as a free download from Gutenberg. Note: Gulliver's Travels is rather more advanced and includes more stories than the later Disneyfied versions which only include Lilliput and Brobdingnag.

People shouting "Yahoo!" at you across the street are using a term of abuse, and it's not politically correct! However they may end up having to look at themselves differently in the mirror, in the same way as churls shouting homophobic abuse may be horrified to discover that homophobic abuse of that form is usually by homophobes who are gay themselves but in denial.

In Johnathan Swift's story, the Yahoos are contrasted with the Houyhnhnms, who are culturally-advanced intelligent horses. However, the term "Houyhnhnm" has not caught-on, probably because it is notoriously difficult to spell, although it is relatively easy to pronounce, and is something like "Winim".