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Remember that this is an OLD page about More Than, and not to be confused with the present situation which has a dignified page. See the New Page of MORE THAN. Meanwhile, the historical story can be seen, a chequered history but with a HAPPY ENDING!...

MORE THAN > Car Insurance , Home Insurance , Van Insurance and Business Car Insurance were on offer here giving a big discount for buying online!a ginger cat captured by the Digital Rebel MORE THAN were an insurance company and for a long time enjoyed the benefits of being promoted at Zyra's website along with many other insurance companies and other well known companies. This went on for years, and people have always respected Zyra's website for having actual content rather than just splat advertisements. The content based approach is good for business,More Than Home Insurance with companies being REVIEWED as if they are films or books, rather than just hyped up! Unfortunately, because of the preponderance of sponsored links (a passing fad fashion around the middle of the zero-zeros decade), some companies were fooled into thinking they could control the market and could tell us what to say. However, because freedom of speech is worth more than affiliate commission, this site will present you with the truth, not the hype.

A long time ago, there was such a thing as the MORE THAN CREDIT CARD. This existed and was part of history, but it is no more. This doesn't stop it having aWild Cat dedicated page at this site, and the site having a proper deep linking policy. So, when in early 2007, the MORE THAN company commanded that the MORE THAN CREDIT CARD page be deleted, I refused. They said "you're not being compliant". Well, as if that was a good idea in the first place! I refuse to be COMPLIANT, however I am willing to be cooperative if treated with respect.SuperCat

The thing is, I'm not going to be told what I can and can't say, by any insurance company, and as I tell the truth I expect this to be understood. There would be no point telling you about these interesting shops on affiliate programs if the only thing permitted to be said was the party line.

The previous year, this site had earned a few thousand pounds in affiliate commission onMORE THAN - Credit Credit the More Than affiliate program, and as I was paid on actual sales not on any silly banner impressions or PPC, it follows that the MORE THAN company were doing very well here. It would surely be irrational for them to expel a site because it wouldn't accept a revisionist history. However, MORE THAN actually did terminate the affiliate relationship, and so, as of 2007/02/12, they are missing out on being advertised here. Never mind, eh? There are plenty of other insurance companies reviewed at this site! And, some of them have still got a dog!

I started to have my misgivings some months ago when MORE THAN issued an edict to all affiliates commanding them to delete all references to LUCKY THE DOGMore Than Van Insurance and to avoid all mention of the aforementioned creature in any commentary. I thought that it was a bit extreme and possibly heavy-handed to come down so hard on Lucky the Dog. Lucky the dog was a likable scruffy animal who featured in the MORE THAN television commercial campaign, in which folk would end up in some unlikely scenariosCat Caption Uncompetition brought upon them by the hapless Lucky the Dog, who, as luck would have it, would, along with the dog's owners, escape disaster befalling them by the narrowest of margins. The punchline would be "That's MORE THAN lucky!". Quite clever, really.

Churchill DogNow that I am not an affiliate of the More Than company I can speak freely of LUCKY THE DOG and the memory will not be hushed-up! Long live the DOG!

Other companies that have got a dog include Churchill insurance (aw yus!), HMV the record company, who have had a dog for a very long time, ever since gramophones were invented, and Loans.co.uk , - but MORE THAN, have gone and got rid of their dog. Shame!

CATS seem to feature in the loss of the MORE THAN affiliate links from Zyra's website. Odd as it may seem, in early February 2007, when MORE THAN were failing to return telephone calls, and generally being uncommunicative, even though I was very polite to them, and very patient in coping with their telephone system, a message came through to say that MORE THANMore Than Business Car Insurance were terminating the affiliate agreementCat in the Bath with Zyra's website as they objected strongly to some of the links from the CATS page. Now let's get this in proportion, these are merely pictures of cats, and there is nothing offensive about them! (well, unless you have an aversion to cats, that is, but you can't please everyone!?). Even linking to a website which had pictures of cats on it, even though it was nothing to do with this page at the time, and was just one of the three and a half thousand pages at this website at the time, was sufficient reason to expel this site from the affiliate program! Let other affiliates take note of this, and maybe even the Yellow Pages should worry, as they have all kinds of things in their book. Who knows if MORE THAN will decide to eschew the legendary catalogue just because its encyclopaedic collection of references included one that the MORE THAN company didn't like!? Remember, that's what they did to THIS SITE! Take a look at the thousands of pages listed here! All kinds of interesting things!

Needless to say, before the expulsion of this site from the MORE THAN affiliate program, there were no cats on this page. They have been added afterwards gratuitously.

It's anyone's prerogative to miss out if they want. It's up to MORE THAN if they want to miss out on being included in the insurance companies advertised at this site, nomatter how daft the reasons!More Than Car Insurance

CAT - but is it real?Other affiliates can still advertise MORE THAN, and here are some examples: More Than at Xyroth Enterprises, and More Than CAR INSURANCE at Stamp Demon, and other Online Shopping Malls too.

Meanwhile here at Zyra's website, (which for the avoidance of doubt has NOT GOT AN AFFILIATION TO MORE THAN), you can see home insurance, car insurance, pet insurance, health insurance, travel insurance, life insurance, and other kinds of insurance. There is no shortage of insurance here! In fact, at one time, even though it's obvious that Zyra's website is not an insurance company itself, it was Number1 on a Google UK search for "insurance companies". Ignore that at ye peril, oh insurance companies! This site is GOOD FOR BUSINESS, and if you'd like to be involved, have an affiliate program and include this site in it!

Pages at this site which have had to be bunged up now that MORE THAN have pulled out:

>>>> MORE THAN car insurance >>>>The eyes of the cat!

>>>> MORE THAN home insurance >>>>

>>>> MORE THAN van insurance >>>>

>>>> MORE THAN business car insurance >>>>

Plus, the old MORE THAN Credit Card which has been historical for a while.

http://www.morethan.com affiliate programs have previously been on this site with various good affiliate companies including OMG UK , Commission Junction and DGM2 and everything appeared to be going well for many years until the time of the "remove credit card page" episode.

The logo for "MORE THAN" with the letter "A" replaced by a ">" (greater than) mathematical symbol, is acknowledged to be a trademarka ginger cat captured by the Digital Rebel of the MORE THAN company, when printed in a particular font and in a particular shade of green. However, the MORE THAN company do not own the word "MORE" or the word "THAN", which have been in dictionaries since the time of Johnson. They also do not own the term "MORE THAN" whether in capitals or not, and the phrase is in common parlance and has citations going back donkeys years. Most notably, they do not own the greater-than symbol ASCII CHARACTER 62 > which is on computer keyboards and is in use in mathematics the world over.the GREATER THAN symbol (character 62)

The logos and banners of the MORE THAN company are their own, so I have carefully removed them from this site.

That's why there are blank banners on this page! If you want to find sites where the logos are being used without permission, just do a few searches for "more than" this and that, and you'll find loads! Many of them have never promoted MORE THAN and have no intention of promoting MORE THAN and are entirely misleading. There are far too many irrelevant sponsored links. In my personal opinion the MORE THAN company has shot itself in the foot by kicking this site off its affiliate program. At least this site was promoting the actual MORE THAN company and bringing good business to the company!

Abridged incoming message:

Upon instructions from More Th>n I am rejecting Zyra from all More Th>n programmes due to the fact that they have found nude cats and cat on cat action on the site.

In case you're interested you can see How to Run an Affiliate Program Properly

This website is obviously NOT the official MORE THAN website, whose web address is given as a matter of public information in the preceding commentary. This is an independent review. Also, I think the pictures of cats make it more decorative, especially now the banners have been replaced with blank ones.

It would be reasonable to guess from some of the correspondence that there are some rather odd misunderstandings which are too numerous to list in detail! However, the company are more than welcome to resume sensible diplomatic relations at some time in the future.

Special offer of diplomacy made by Zyra to MORE THAN 2007/02/28 23:00 : How about a truce in which sensibleness is to be found? We go back to having proper links and acceptance of freedom of speech and being mutually good for business, and I will remove the cats and email precis from this page?! You are welcome to contact me and we can discuss this in a rational and civilised style. You've got my phone number; let's talk!

New Year's Resolution by More Than>? ... turned out to be a false alarm!

Near the beginning of 2008, a friendly message came in to say that More Than had moved to
Commission Junction and were welcoming us onto the new affiliate program there! Ooh good, I thought, good sense being seen by More Than at last! They're going to put the past behind them and will behave sensibly in future. Now of course if this had been genuine, we would have been happy to have More Than back on here, and the cats would have been removed and the page retasked to be a dignified page promoting More Than, like the ones for Churchill Insurance, Norwich Union, Swinton, and many other well known Insurance Companies. However, on looking into this further, it turned out to be not quite what it seemed, and on being given a preference, whereas 8 out of 10 cats might have preferred to have a renewed relationship, More Than's corporate official preference was to continue to miss out. I did hear someone say "they have no sense of humour". Well that is so sad, we feel sorry for them. It's especially poignant, as the other day a brochure dropped through the letter box advertising insurance, and on its glossy cover the logos of about 20 of the best known insurance companies were displayed, and of those, we have affiliate links to all of them in the Insurance Companies, with one exception, MORE THAN> , who are missing out.

The offer is still open here, More Than. Put the past behind you and let's promote your insurance on here. Even if you made a bad decision in the past, you don't need to stick to it and look silly. Maybe it is time to be "Under New Management" and then any arrogance of previous regimes need not spoil your future success in the prosperous world of affiliate marketing.

Support affiliate marketing, where freedom of choice is the way! See More Than > at STAMP DEMON and see other Insurance Companies here at Zyra's site.

Update 2008/07/29: After the affiliate program moved to Buy.at there was some good diplomacy and at last we were ACCEPTED on their new affiliate program! Work began immediately on changing all this stuff, and I worked into the night replacing all the images and changing these pages to some dignified pages promoting MORE THAN. Furthermore, they got a WELL DONE and a WELCOME BACK in various places where appropriate. Two additional pages were created, the More Than Travel and the More Than Car Breakdown. However all this was a waste of time as they reverted to their old ways the very next day. So, we have reverted these pages to what they were, complete with CATS!

Update 2009/07: Although MORE THAN Insurance are still being silly about it and are missing out on good business here in the Insurance sector, it is quite amusing to note that there's a new company, MORE THAN Web Hosting which now has a dedicated page. Of course they are nothing to do with MORE THAN Insurance! However, plenty of other Insurance Companies are doing well here!

Update 2010/04: MORE THAN > Insurance, amazing as it may seem, now have included CATS in their TV commercials. Can this be a sign that they are starting to take a less extremist line on the exhibition of felines?

Update 2010/07: MORE THAN accepted the offer to be on Zyra's website again, and for the past to be put behind us. So, as promised, there is now a New Dignified Page for More Than at this site. Furthermore, all of the pages promoting the different types of MORE THAN insurance have been updated, removing the cats and replacing the shpiel with up-to-date creative. So, Welcome Back to MORE THAN! Well Done!

To give further separation of this old historical page which demonstrates something which happened in the past, and the new nice page about MORE THAN, the old page has been moved to Zyra Tuvalu