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More Than> Business Car Insurance
which is now at last featured at Zyra's independent website!

Do you need insurance for your business vehicle? If so, why not try More Than> Business Car Insurance?

You may be interested to know what constitutes a "Business Car", and More Than Insurance will try to help with such things here in their quoted FAQ section...

Answers to our customers' most common questions:

What do you define as a 'business car'? Can you quote for my private car?

A 'business car' is one which is registered in the name of a company, partnership, practice, or a sole trader and is therefore used in connection with that business. If your vehicle is a private car (i.e. registered in your own name and you are not a sole trader) then a business car quotation is not available, however you can
get a quote for your private car at MORE TH>N.

Sometimes I use my business car for personal use - am I still covered?

Yes, the policy provides cover for business as well as social, domestic and pleasure use.

Can I have named drivers who are not connected to my business?

Yes. Because the policy covers social, domestic and pleasure use, you could add on, say, a family member.

I have a no claims discount that I earned on a private motor policy. Can I use this for my business car policy?

If your private motor policy was cancelled within the last 2 years and was in the same name as your new business car policy, then we will accept your no claims discount.

Are there any age restrictions that apply to the policy?

Yes. We only provide quotations for drivers aged 17 to 74*. Some cars may have specific restrictions in place, e.g. all drivers must be over 25 years of age.

...So, there you have it; an explanation of business car insurance. If you'd like to get a quote or if you'd like to find out more, here's a helpful link...


More Than > Business Car Insurance

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* I think it's a bit tough on sole traderships over 74 years old. You could try Saga Motor Insurance and see if they understand that well-experienced drivers are safe drivers.