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Car Insurance / Motor Insurance

Car insurance, motorbike insurance, van insurance, and any kind of on the road insuring of vehicles against accident, theft, fire, scratching against other vehicles or versus stationary objects that might have been in the way. Here is a useful list of motor insurance companies:

Endsleigh *

Swinton Taxi Insurance *

Lloyds Insurance *

Aviva Car Insurance *

Post Office Car Insurance *

Bennetts Motorbike Insurance *

Kwik-Fit *

AXA Car Insurance *

AA Car Insurance *

eCar Insurance *

Yes Car Insurance *

Yes Van Insurance *

Nationwide Car Insurance *

First Insurance *

esure *

DIA Insurance *

US Insurance Online *

Debenhams Car Insurance *

The AA *

AA Motorcycle Insurance *

AA Commercial Vehicle Insurance *

Tesco Car Insurance *

Tesco Value Car Insurance *

Click 4 Gap *

Hastings Insurance *
Motor Insurance with a theme of memorable history

Churchill Car Insurance *

Churchill Van Insurance *

AIG Motor Insurance *

Octagon Insurance *

InsuranceAgents.com *

Excess Gone *

Nationwide Motor Insurance *

Sainsbury's Car Insurance *

Asda Car Insurance *

Natwest Car Insurance *

Co-op Motor Insurance *

Mexico Insurance Services *

Direct Line Car Insurance *

Kanetix Insurance Shopping *


21st Century Insurance *

For bicycle insurance, see Cycle-Guard *

HSBC Car Insurance *

RAC Car Insurance *

More Than > Car Insurance *

More Than > Van Insurance *

More Than > Business Car Insurance *

insNow *

Electric Insurance Company *

Norwich Union * - now alive again as Aviva!*
Norwich Union Car Insurance *
Norwich Union Female Car Insurance *
Norwich Union Van Insurance *
Norwich Union Bike Insurance *
Norwich Union Rapid Bonus * - insurance for young drivers a speciality
Norwich Union Short Term Car Insurance *

The following ossuary is a list of places whose affiliate program has gone:

Swinton Car Insurance *
Also see (by special arrangement) Free Phone insurance quote line

Zurich *

Cornhill *

Allstate Motor Club *

Privilege Car Insurance *

Sheila's Wheels *

Prudential Car Insurance *

Tradex *
Motor Trade, Taxi, Courier, Chauffeur, and Fleet insurance

Bonaport *

Liverpool Victoria Car Insurance *

Eagle Star *

Adrian Flux *

MotorQuote Direct * (awin)

Virgin Car Insurance *

Castle Cover Car Insurance *

Screen Trade *

Bikesure *
Specialist Motorbike Insurance

Simple Cover *

Swift Cover Car Insurance *

easy Money Car Insurance *

Motorinsurance.co.uk - Car Insurance *

Motorinsurance.co.uk - Van Insurance *

Motorinsurance.co.uk - Bike Insurance *

Barclays Car Insurance *

Equity Car Insurance *

Cambelt Cover *

RAC Warranty *

Halifax Car Insurance *

The preceding is a list of places whose affiliate program has gone

Royal Insurance

General Accident

Also see car breakdown recovery for insurance against becoming stranded

This feature at Zyra's website connects to the main Insurance resource which also includes additional pages for home insurance , pet insurance , travel insurance , health insurance , other kinds of insurance too.

Although Motorbike Insurance and Van Insurance are included in this category of Motor Insurance, there are now special categories which are more specific.

Cars, expensive things that they are, and then you've got to get insurance too. Having motor insurance is a good idea, as it saves so much embarrassment and expense versus being caught driving around without it. Also, as driving is generally agreed to be a risky business, it's often worthwhile having insurance rather than risking having to pay up for the damage to someone else's vehicle and more importantly damage to the person themselves.

Insurance is no substitute for safety.

Fully comprehensive car insurance also helps to cover costs if your car gets damaged, which can happen by sheer misfortune even when it isn't your fault. Having said that, all motorists have to take some of the risk, as there's often an "excess" or the car was worth more than its "book price" if it's a write-off. Some car insurance companies won't pay the full price for your car if it's written-off or stolen, leaving you with a "gap", so you might be interested to know you can get additional insurance to cover the gap at Click4gap

But on the positive side, insurance companies are often generous in what they will actually cover, and a wise person reads the smallprint in their insurance policy. You may even find (as I did once) that your car insurance policy covers you in the unlikely event of your having an accident when travelling by train!

Some kinds of car insurance also cover you for third party liability for passengers (an essential for taxi insurance), and for such things as legal costs in pursuing the guilty party who has wrecked your car!

Specialist needs are such that van insurance typically covers the tools and stuff you've got in the cargo hold, but not the glass windows you have not got!

Another helpful tip is: If your car windscreen is cracked or chipped, you should get it fixed! These things CAN be mended (usually), but if you wait until the windscreen is smashed there is a difference in the insurance situation. Repairs can be done FREE on most fully comprehensive car insurance without losing your no claims bonus. In contrast, a smashed screen needs a REPLACEMENT, and that means losing your no-claims bonus! This helpful piece of advice was provided by Autoglass the car windscreen repair and replacement specialists!

In New Zealand there is (as far as we know, in 2005) no legal requirement to have car insurance as there is no third party liability for drivers. This probably makes the situation on the roads rather different to that in the UK or in the USA for example.

In the UK, Motor insurance covers you when on the public highway, so you'll just have to be extra careful when driving on dirt tracks, private land, disused railway lines, etc.

Car insurance companies in the UK have clubbed together to raise a fund in case of accident involving uninsured drivers, but if you are unfortunate enough to have to claim on that, you're best talking to your insurance company.

When looking for motor insurance, it's best to shop around as situations vary widely according to a variety of factors. See the list provided (ABOVE) on this page, and good luck!

Also see cars, insurance, car breakdown recovery, motorbike insurance, van insurance, and health

Note 2010: In the UK, a problem has been introduced because of ANPR. Automatic Number Plate Recognition is now a threat to all HONEST drivers as well as a small minority who are at fault. The ANPR system was not supposed to be for catching people whose insurance had run out; it was supposed to be for catching criminals. Yet, according to the BBC's Watchdog, ANPR has been misused for impounding cars which ARE INSURED but whose insurance companies have failed to put the data on the ASKMID system. Because the whole thing is a BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU system, it has become a nightmare. In fact, no-one is safe having a car on the streets. Cars are only safe if they are kept in a garage or on private land! I have even heard that if your insurance company fails to record the data on the database, it is YOU who are guilty of a criminal offence. So much for British justice, eh?!

Note 2011: Roads in the UK have got safer, and the number of accidents has gone down. However, car insurance has gone up! Why? Answer: Personal Injury Claims. Insurance companies approve of this, even though the money is being extracted from honest customers renewing their car insurance premiums. Source: BBC Watchdog